Polar Express Runs Through CES Again

By Kaileigh Deacon

One of the many things that kids could do on Tuesday night was cookie decorating. With the help of Hussa Eagan and many other volunteers and teachers crafts like cookie decorating were enjoyable for everyone.


Last Tuesday evening the hallways of Calais Elementary School were transformed from busy school hallways to the magical Christmas worlds of Frozen and Polar Express. This was the third year for this event and it was the biggest yet. 

This event has been spear headed by Brenda Batson who organized and created the event. It started with the polar express and a rolling cart with card board train sides and has grown every year since. This year the event expanded again when in addition to the wooden Polar Express train there was wooden Frozen Sleigh to take the kids down the Frozen Hall. 

All the crafts and events on Tuesday were put together and run by the volunteers and teachers of Calais Elementary School. “This is Brenda Batson’s creation but every staff member in the school from the custodians to the janitors do what she says and this is end result,” Principal Sue Carter said. 

The Frozen hall contained seven different stations; popcorn cups, make a snowman, build a bottle snowman, cupcake decorating, Olaf nightlights, Olaf bags, and a picture with Anna and Elsa. The Polar Express hallway had seven stations as well all of which are based on things that take place in the book; lantern making, snowman soup, bell necklace, reindeer ornament, reindeer food, cookie decorating, and a picture and visit with Santa. While kids were waiting for a chance to go down the hall they could have a snowball fight in the library. 

To “ride” the Polar Express and Frozen sleigh the cost was $5 for each with all the money going to one cause. This year all the money from the event will toward the replacing of books in the Calais Elementary School Library.