Town News

Sally Doten


When you drive through the local towns a week from today I am sure you will see many ex Christmas trees lying beside the road waiting to be hauled off to the nearest dump. Just in case you’re one of the people that throw the tree out the day after the presents are opened I reminded you that many disposal stations do not accept them.  Your little tree could be very brown before you finally are rid of it. And that, folks, is why mine is artificial. Nothing like a “make believe” tree in a state that boasts of it’s beautiful tree farms. I never have to worry about how I rid myself  of it nor do I have to sweep up the many needles that fall from it.

One of the main reasons I decided to go with an artificial tree was that when the kids were little, Jim would gather them up, axe in hand, and head into the woods for the perfect tree. Sometimes I went with him but most of the time it was a father/kid thing. Home they would come excited to make it the right height for the room. It would be sawed off at the bottom until it fit the stand. And then, there is stood in all it’s glory....A Charlies Brown Christmas tree from top to bottom! Branches were uneven, the space between the branches could be up to six inches, and it was skinny. As the kids grew older and lost some of the excitement of following dad through the woods, I decided it was time to purchase a tree through JC Penney’s, and never regretted it. And guess what, Santa still came and placed gifts under the tree and the kids still were bright-eyed when they saw the many things that he bought.

Congratulations to Kayli Doten, daughter of Troy and Joni. She has been accepted at Husson College in the Occupational Therapy program. Way to go, Kayli, you make this family very proud.

Thank you, Greg Bridges, for removing another unsightly building from town. I know it was your own building, and I appreciate the fact that you took it away. If you should feel the urge to do more, I think we both know areas you could improve.

Along with maybe other ladies from the Second Baptist Church (2BC), I attended the Ladies Night at The Refuge Church. It was a wonderful evening; the food was delicious, all the girls enjoyed one another, and the speaker was tremendous. This church is located on North Street in the same building as Ace Hardware. It is very impressive to walk through the doors of an old call center. The walls are painted white, the floors are carpeted in most areas, the sanctuary area is tastefully decorated. Pastor Greg Huston has a very spacious building now in which to hold services.

My daughter, Carol, decided to skip the cold weather and is now enjoying the sun and beach at St. Kitts. Now I haven’t a clue where St. Kitts is but my guess would be somewhere in the Caribbean. And I know it will be difficult to pull her away to return to chilly Maine and work.

Nice to see lights in Terry Johnson’s home. Hopefully, he is feeling better. His wife, Fran, is still a resident at Marshall’s Healthcare in Machias.

Time to say, “Good Night and Merry Christmas.” May you find happiness and good health under your tree.