Town News

Sally Doten


Have you made a new year’s resolution yet? I don’t mean the one, “I am starting a diet!” This year we need to do what we can to change the world. Well, maybe not the whole world, but your neighborhood. Be kind to those around you, show respect to all (you don’t have to agree, just respect), lend a helping hand, cook extra food to send out. It’s surprising what, with a little effort,  how you can touch someone’s life. It’s not hard and the reward is making yourself feel better while helping someone else.

I had a great phone call from Bill Cassidy today. What a wonderful surprise. He’s going to send me some Baring history. It’s hard to tell what I will learn but I will try to include some high points in my column later. Bill was a student while I was the secretary at Calais High School. If I remember correctly his junior or senior year he was elected president of the Maine Student Council. How’s that for recall, Billy? And believe it or not, he reads this column. Must be hard to get reading material in that end of Maine. Thank you for the call. I enjoyed our brief conversation.

Olivia Smith and Nicole Perkins have been home with their parents over the college Christmas break. Both girls attend Husson University in Bangor.

I spent the week after Christmas watching a marathon of “Downton Abbey.” This is second time I’ve watched it completely through. I am a huge fan. Now tonight I start another series, but not nearly as serious. “The Bachelor” is running for close to the next 10 weeks. I am addicted!

Rhonda Doten has been working the closing sale at Kendall’s Jewelry in Calais. I think the store will be closed next week but luckily a new business will be there to take over. Good luck to Jane on her next endeavors and to the new owners Danielle Smith and Tim Call.

On Saturday a very special “cousin” will be celebrating her 75th birthday. Have a happy, wonderful day, Irene Gallway. And I am so glad I can say, “she’s older than I am.”

Well, dear friends, this is the end of another empty column. I love chatting on with you; I would love even more to hear from you. Share your life with me. I will be very careful about what I say in the paper about you.

Have a wonderful week and new year. Smiling is a good thing.....every day!