Town News

Linda Baniszeski


Let’s begin with Happy New Year birthday wishes to Paulyne Ward on January 5.  Happy Anniversary to Ruth and Bill Doten, Sr. on January 7th.  Prayers and get well wishes are in order for Janet Wooding who is a bit under the weather.  

 Happy New Year, dear readers.  It came in like a lion.  Oh, right, that’s March .... the lion and lamb thing.  Regardless, we had about 4-5” of snow the evening of December 31.  It is absolutely beautiful out here on Reynolds Cove of Meddybemps Lake.  Scuffy had to reacquaint herself to the sensation of freezing paw pads from icy and snowy surfaces.  We were away for several days, where there wasn’t any snow to speak of on the ground.  After six years of being dragged around the country by us from Maine to Texas and back, she’s quite resilient and a little trooper as a traveler. She’s quite proficient at hotel elevator etiquette.  She amuses many wherever she goes.

 I did manage to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve, and “tried” to watch the New Year’s eve show at Times Square.  Barry and Scuffy abandoned me about 8:30.  Barry I can understand since he was up from 3:30 a.m. and made a nearly 12 hour drive that day from Pennsylvania.  Scuffy I don’t understand at all.  She and I slept as Barry drove all day.  Back to the New Year’s program.  Some of the so-called entertainers and stars were disgusting with their dance moves.  Not to mention the words to some of the rap songs. Now it’s mainstream.  I do not mean to infer that we need to go back to Guy Lombardo and His Canadians on the Roof Top of the Waldorf Astoria.  However, what was especially disconcerting is that young kids were there and surely watching on t.v.  Most teens shown on the screen knew the lyrics and sang along with some not so innocent songs.  I switched to Fox News which was also covering the event.  However, they took the camera off the stage from the lewd and risque performances, instead interviewing celebrities and people in the crowd.  It was also disgruntling that the Secretary General of the United Nations hit the switch to drop the Midnight Ball, instead of an American hero.  This is still America, I believe; and Times Square is a purely American new years venue.  Thankfully, there were no terrorist attacks and law enforcement did a magnificent job in keeping everyone safe.

 It didn’t take more than a few hours for the birds to return to our feeder when we arrived home and put the food out.  The suet cages were completely empty and other seeds that weren’t covered in snow were gone.  Our usual bird friends like chickadees, jays, woodpeckers and doves are back to their regular frequencies throughout the day.   Life by the lake is back to its January rythym.

 The lake ice is quite solid in our cove; but I cannot attest to the safety or depth of ice in other parts of Meddybemps Lake.  Be careful and be safe on the ice. This Monday morning, we watched as an ice fisher awgered a hole in the ice and prepared for some fishing.  Some of our neighbors set their lines and then return to shore on snowsleds and watch for the tip-up to alert them to a catch.  Quite cleverly, they go back out on the lake to get the fish after a warm wait inside the camp.  

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