Old Building Gets a New Purpose

By Kaileigh Deacon

Pam and Jack Fortier are no strangers to having a business in Calais. They are excited to start their new venture with Downeast Auction Company which will be housed in the old Townhouse Restaurant on Main Street in Calais. They hope to have their first Auction ready to go by the middle of January. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).

Winter is a hard time for a lot of businesses but in a few short weeks one of the empty buildings in downtown Calais will get a new tenant. The old Townhouse Restaurant on Main Street will be home to Downeast Auction Company. 

Downeast Auction Company will be renting the now empty Townhouse Restaurant on Main Street and will be run by Jack and Pam Fortier. The Fortier’s got the business up and going last month and has already received several consignments for their first auction. “I’ve been going to auctions all my life,” Jack Fortier said about getting into the auction business. The Fortiers are familiar with running a business in Calais owning and operating Calais House of Pizza. “We miss seeing all the people from when we had the restaurant. 

It is not an easy task getting certified to be an auctioneer and requires learning many laws as well as passing the certification test but all that is done and Jack and Pam are ready to get underway. There is no official date for when the first auction will be as they are still getting all the pieces together to put in the auction but the hope is to have something ready to go by the middle of January. 

The items up for auction will be posted online prior to the auction so anyone interested can preview the items before they get there. A few selected items will be posted to the Downeast Auction Co. Facebook page while a complete listing will be available on www.auctionzip.com. 

“We are hoping that holding the auctions downtown will get more people back into downtown and shopping everywhere not just at the auctions,” Jack said. 

The Fortiers want to help bring business back into Downtown Calais but they also want to help people in the area too. They want to help people get rid of stuff that is just sitting around their house collecting dust and get them some money to help fill their fuel tank or get groceries. 

Downeast Auction Company is willing to take single items or entire houses full of items. Single items will go into one of the Auctions held downtown while for full houses they will go the residence. They are hoping to make the auctions a fun Saturday afternoon event that people can enjoy alone or together. They are hoping to get enough stuff to hold auctions that will last anywhere 3-4 hours where they can provide a few snacks while people wait and shop. 

Jack and Pam also want to do what they can to give back and help where they can and will have a box at every auction to collection items for the food pantry. They would also like to thank Rod Tirrell for all his help getting their Facebook page up and running and all the businesses on Main Street for being so encouraging and welcoming. 

If you want more information about how to get your items up for consignment or about the auction you can go to the Downeast Auction Co. Facebook page or contact Jack at 904-8619.