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Cassie Oakes


It seems that 2017 has started very slow as far as news for this column is concerned.  If you have any news from your Clubs or Groups, please send me a short note.  Bragging rights, visitors, celebrations, vacations, I am looking for that too.  All columns are being saved in several places for historical purposes, like the History Dome on Barrows Lake and the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society.  What a great way to let future generations know how we lived, loved and celebrated back in the year of 3027.  All my contact information is at the end of the column.

I would like to send special condolences to my friend Jeffrey Donovan and his family on the loss of his Dad Paul.

Good thoughts are being sent out, Phil McVicar, Fletcher Perkins, John Harvey, Charlie White, Sandy Lyon, Elwin Daley, Lynn Hill, Trudy Poole, Lenny Frost, David Carson, Avis McIntyre, Linda Richardson, Carolyn Chrietien, Randy Chrietien, Joan Dodge, Vance Webber, Harry Smith, Dottie Johnson, Dawn Winchester, Karen Moraisey, and Linda Bohanon.  

We mustn’t forget those caretakers, who, so lovingly take care of those they love making sure they have everything they need.

Who is missing from this list, please let me know?  My contact information is at the end of the column.  

Upcoming Birthday wishes go out to Carlene Colson, Joshua Kinney Jr., Laurie Larkin, Angel Sanford, Jonathan Ingersoll, Kenneth Poole, Austin Porter, Bonnie Cejas, Josephine Korasadowicz, Vicki Grant and Eric Barnard.

Lucky Loser at Randy’s Variety this week is Joey Wallace.    If you want to know how to become the Lucky Loser, stop by Randy’s and ask for the details.

This week I spent the last few days of our visit with my nephew Sebastian and sister-in-law Susanna playing games, watching TV and eating lots and lots of yummy food.  Susanna made a delicious Breakfast Taco. On Thursday Mom and I dropped them back at the Airport in Bangor for their trek back to Baltimore.  We sure missed Carlos Jr. this year, but it sure was great having Sebastian visit.  

Of course, I also attended the Beckett Center this week, enjoying dance class doing the Electric Slide and All Shook up.  We played games like UNO and Wii.  We worked on puzzles, shopped and had a healthy snack of cheese and crackers and a delicious lunch of Homemade Chicken Soup and Rolls. 

If you have anything you would like me to share in this column, you can email me at, message me on Facebook, or snail mail me at 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, ME  04694.  You can also call me at 454-2344 or drop off news at Randy’s Variety!  Thank you to all of those who support me and this column. Until next time, stay safe.