Town News

Linda Baniszeski


Has everyone grown accustomed to writing 2017 by now.  We all really have to concentrate on that for about a month or so until it becomes natural.

 Happy Birthday to Jean Voelker on January 12, and Charles “Chick” McCoubrey on the 16th.  Blessings to Jean and Chick and everyone else celebrating special occasions this week.

 Continued get well wishes to Janet Wooding.  She is home, doing great, and enjoying a visit from her daughter Martha from New Jersey.  

 Alyssa Shaw was here for about a week with her grandfather, Terry Reynolds. She and her baby son, Levi have been enjoying visits with Terry, Tammi Smith, and the extended Reynolds family.  Alyssa  was back in Meddybemps for a short New Year’s break before returning to Scarborough where she holds two jobs and goes to college.  

 Barry tells me the ice is now at least a foot thick in our cove. There were two vehicles driving across the lake this past week.   I don’t think we will ever drive across a frozen lake, nomatter how thick the ice is said to be.  It just doesn’t seem natural.  The lake’s surface has been changing from one day to the next.  It had a snowy surface 10 days ago, then we had rain followed by sub-freezing temperatures; and the lake surface refroze into a combined clear and cloudy crystal prizm.  It was perfect conditions for ice skating. After the most recent 6” of snow last Saturday night, the lake is back to appearing like a big snowy field.  The moans, gurgling and belching reverberations are a constant reminder that the lake is undergoing stresses due to dramatic temperature changes.   The noises can be quite eerie.  Occasionally there are sounds like thunderous cannon fire from the distance, as heard in war movies.  Sounds of nature are sometimes just as surprising and unpredictable as the weather in our part of Maine.

 Terry, Barry and Danny Wallace have been keeping our lanes open for safe travels. We are grateful that Danny also sands our lane.  The main roads have been maintained nicely by our plowing crews, no matter how much snow or ice we’ve had.  They always do a good job.

 We saw some wildlife on the move.  A deer ran across 191 and leaped into the woods along the road.  It appeared to be a large doe.   We see various large and small feet patterns in the snow around the wood pile and into the woods behind our home.  It keeps Scuffy sniffing and staying out in the cold far longer than she (or I) should.  Our feeders are busy, with flocks of doves, bluejays, wood peckers (never knew them to travel together before), and chickadees.  As soon as the food is put out they attack it, and go through suet just as rapidly.  

 Scuffy is now legal for another year.  We got her new dog license for $6.00.  After January 31 it would be $25.00.  It pays to be prompt.  She very seriously watched Barry affix it to her harness, as though she knew it was all about her. But then isn’t everything?

 Speaking of pets, Rayma and Wally Lyons rescued a tiny little kitten one cold night.  Their big yellow cat kept leading them to a welding truck on their property.  Realizing that the cat was serious about showing him something, Wally investigated and found the barely living kitten.  The gray shaded feline waif was about 1# when he found her.  Wally and Rayma took her in, kept her warm and fed her what she could manage to eat.  Wally believes that if she had been out one more night, she would have died of hypothermia and lack of nourishment.  It is a mystery how she got under the truck on their property.  Since her rescue, she has gone from a sickly, scrawny size with mites in her ears to a healthy little kitten now weighing about 4-1/2# and named “Josie.”  The Lyons’ little Shi-Tzu dog, Toby, has befriended this adorable new addition to the household. Josie and Tobey are best friends and nearly inseparable; except when Toby goes out for walks or riding in the truck with Wally.  Toby has had a few of his own health issues.  He will be having a growth under his eye removed at the vets on Thursday.  

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