Town News

Sally Doten


Well, so much for last week. My computer decided to go on vacation and left me with no way to report the excitement in Baring. And, since it’s been over a week, I can’t remember it anyway. Now I have to start all over searching out the things I forgot. Ah, it’s such a wonderful thing to get old.

First of all I need to congratulate the sports stars we have in town: Connor Cook, JV BB; Kayli Doten and Katie Erskine, Calais VBB; Jacob Hornbrook, Calais VBB;  and  Emily Erskine is working hard on the eight grade basketball court.  And not to concentrate just on sports, Kaleigh Pelletier is been doing a terrific job dancing at Barbara’s School of Dance. I watched her video the other day, it was great. She is a tremendous dancer with hola hoops and her  gymnastics abilities are outstanding.

Peter and Susan Casey  traveled to visit their daughter Daneille Guay and family recently. Grandson Ethan is really the star the show and visit. What a handsome little guy he is. So glad the family got a chance to visit for a while.

BARING TOWN MEETING - I have been recently updated on the agreement between Baileyville and Baring. Baileyville has agreed to all our requests: police and fire coverage, a lot in the Industrial Park, and $25,000 in cash. It seems to me there was one more item but I can’t recall or find my notes. The selectmen are planning a town meeting in the next two weeks to get the approval of Baring residents. It is very important that we, as residents, turn out for the these meetings. If you don’t attend and let your voice be heard (pro or con), you have no reason to complain after. So many people sit back and grumble yet they never show up to see what is happening and why. Come to the meetings, hear what the town officials have done, vote your opinion, and let it end there. So what if it doesn’t go your way, at least you had your chance to speak. I can remember when town meetings were held in the old school and it was packed. Yes, we argued and complained, but at least we showed up. Let’s be involved again. I will notify you through this column as soon as I know the date. 

The home of Alice Olsson has been sold. As of yet I don’t know who my neighbors will be, but I’m anxious to meet them. It will be nice to see lights on again.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Paul “Wimmie” Donovan. Wimmie graduated with me back in 1960. He was such a likable guy and always had a smile. My sympathies to his wife Carol and family.

How do you like all this ice we have around. My yard was like a skating rink. Poor Jim couldn’t get to the mailbox without taking his walking stick with the nail in the bottom. I was thankful when Paul and Tim Drew came by with sand to help melt the mess. Later the same day, Troy Doten showed up with more. We now are ice free, thanks to all the help we have had. And not to be forgotten, Greg Smith comes after every snow storm and makes a path to the chicken coop and cleans our around the garage doors. This is all done after Doug McLellan comes in to plow the white stuff. Our lives are so much easier with the help of these gentlemen. We so much appreciate our neighbors.

I noticed that Eddie Noddin is doing his own plowing this year. He’s like a kid with a new toy as he takes the tractor around the yard and pushes the snow out of the way. This man is always puttering and has many projects but I truly believe that the tractor with the front end loader is his favorite. Eddie, are you just waiting for more snow? 

Baring Gifts at Knock on Wood is closed this month. Candy Bridges will be traveling to shows to find items that will tempt you to improve the look of your home and wardrobe. If all goes well, she will reopen Feb. 3. Personally, I am anxious to see the new “stuff.”

I think I’m getting nostalgic in my old age. I miss the neighborhood feel of the town. Once upon a time we visited, shared our kids and coffee, had public suppers, and worked together on town projects. Today, we don’t know our neighbors, go to work, turn on our electronic toys, and stay inside. It’s a whole different way of life. Is it better? I don’t think so. I can remember hurrying to complete my housework to be able to sit with three or four neighbors for coffee and cookies. We live in a world where some things are easier but it’s a solidarity life. It seems we have no time or room for others. Oh, for the good old days!!

So with that said, I will stop my typing, submit this to be printed, and say, “Have a wonderful week and love one another.”