Town News


Sharon Frost



A blessed celebration on Monday afternoon at Washington Place for Verna MacKechnie’s 100th birthday. Dr. Larry played the organ, Bob Hinton sang. The room was beautifully decorated. Vince Cassidy, Billy Howard, friends and family of the church. Pastor Matt and wife Rachel and baby Lydia were also in attendance. A huge cake was served. A lovely afternoon. Daughter-in-law Ruth was Emcee. I talked with Olive Bentum, Louise Kelly, Ginny Hill and Ann Baker.

Tips: Pop your onion in your freezer for 30 minutes before chopping. You won’t shed a single tear.

Fluff up your omelets and scrambled eggs by whipping into a little baking soda before cooking.

The Tim Sample concert was a great success on Saturday evening at the Congregational Church. $2800. was raised. Fabulous!!

Fran Mulcahy and Pat Townsend motored to Bango on Monday to celebrate Ada Taber’s birthday. They enjoyed lunch out.

Saturday, January 21st, there will be Family Fun Day at Baring Baptist Church at 2:00 p.m. Bring a snack.

Cut the birthday cake for Joni Miller, Pat Avery, Marie McGarrigle, Candy Dwelley, Lisa (Frost) Murray, Sadie Smith, Karlaine Livingston, Hillary Provencher. Samantha Look, Christine O’Rouke, Sue Mahar, Patricia Phillips-Doyle, Sheila Cottrell, Irene Moreside, Evelyn Howland.

Mike and Betty Smith celebrated an anniversary. Best wishes.

The Ascensions will be at Second Church on Saturday, January 21st at 6:30.

Don’t forget to drop off you Valentine message to Calais Advertiser by February 9th to recognize your loved one.

Carol Donovan, your coffee friends are thinking of you.

Rochelle Waycott and I enjoyed lunch after church on Sunday.

I have been babysitting a couple of miniature dogs for a few days as well as the cat. Took awhile to make up to them.