Birthdays Just Got Sweeter


By Kaileigh Deacon


Kids get the chance to use actual candy to play Sweeties Downeast Candy Bingo. First they find their candy in the store, then they use the candy to play bingo. (Photo by Lisa Stephen)


Sweeties Downeast on Main Street in Calais has been indulging our sweet tooth since December of 2015 and now they just added more to make our mouths water. Sweeties Downeast is now hosting birthday parties. 

For every kid who has ever dreamed of being let loose in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, this is a dream come true. For $150 parents can get a party for ten kids two hours in a candy store to themselves, pizza, games, candy smash ice cream, and candy for the kids. 

The kids come in to the shop and get to play a game of Bean Boozled, a game that is a guessing game tasty or gross jelly beans. Then comes pizza delivered by Joe’s Pizza, then cake and ice cream, presents, and Sweeties Downeast Candy Bingo. Candy smash ice cream is when kids get to pick candy from the store then they get to use a hammer to crush it up before adding to their ice cream. 

Parents can bring their own cake or for an extra $20 they can get a homemade cake from Moose Island Bakery. Moose Island Bakery in Eastport has agreed to make cakes for Sweeties Downeast such as a Willy Wonka theme or another theme if wanted. 

For more information on how to get a birthday party set up you can call Sweeties Downeast at 454-1100.