New Group For Washington County Women In Business

Single digit temperatures on a frigid January evening did not deter twenty-eight women in business from gathering at Helen’s Restaurant for the kick-off meeting of The Rising Tide Network. Women from thirteen communities across Eastern Washington County traveled to Machias for the inaugural event on Monday, January 9th.

Founded by Lanette Pottle, the Rising Tide Network was created to bring together positive, solution-focused women in business who are interested in nurturing relationships with other business owners, sharing their knowledge, and providing support. 

The inspiration for the group name was taken from the John F. Kennedy quote, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

After describing the purpose of the group, Pottle also pointed out what the group is not. She shared, “This is not a place for blaming, complaining, shaming, judging or gossip.  It’s not a place for political debate. It’s a safe, supportive space where for 90 minutes a month we can gather and focus on the common thread we all share — we are all women in business in Washington County.” 

Having recently left her human resources career of eighteen years with Hannaford to focus solely on her training, coaching, and retreat business, Pottle found herself feeling isolated. She says, “It was surprising to me how much I missed the camaraderie that comes with working in a retail environment. It occurred to me that other women business owners may be experiencing that same feeling of isolation so I decided to create a support network that didn’t currently exist; that’s how the Rising Tide Network came to be.” 

Meetings will take place the 2nd Monday of each month at locations around Washington County.  Pottle encourages, “If the mission of the group is in alignment with your values I’d love to see you come out and join us at an upcoming meeting.”  

Each event starts with an ice-breaker that facilitates meeting others in a fun way and is followed by a business spotlight, a brief training on a topic relevant to the group, and a “hot seat” segment where a member is able to bring forward a challenge or idea they would like feedback and support with. 

The cost to attend is $10 and all admission revenue will be used to fund a grant(s) which will be awarded to a member at the end of the year.  The recipient of the grant will use it to help defray the cost of training or purchases of equipment that will aid the stability and growth of her business. 


To learn more you may contact Pottle via email at <> or visit the group’s Facebook page at <>