Town News Baring

Sally Doten

Well, it’s a long story! One week I didn’t have my computer; no news. The second week I didn’t have my computer, used the one at the church and the column I sent  didn’t get printed. Now, week 3, I have my computer back but the programming has been changed. Not that there’s much going on, but I think we all enjoy reading a lot about nothing.

 Sonny and Rita Stewart have both been laid low by this crazy flu that is going around. Bronchitis and pneumonia seem to be the rage this winter. They are starting to feel better but it’s been a 6-week struggle. 

Congratulations to Jacob Hornbrook. Jacob has been having problems with his leg and unable to play basketball for the Blue Devils. He has now returned to the court. Good luck, Jacob, for the remainder of the year.

 Another property is being cleaned up. Billy Howard is having the two trailers on Route 1 torn down. Our “town fathers” are working hard with each owner to have buildings torn down, removed,  or just  improve their property in general. It’s takes time to accomplish these things plus money but with the cooperation of the town residents or non-residents it can be done. I, for one, appreciate any and all work that has been done.

 Because my news columns have been missing off and on for the few weeks I need to wish belated birthday wishes to Marie McGarrigle and Johnny Hill. I received a phone call from a special lady asking me to remember them. Sorry I am so late with this, but the wishes are sincere.

 Jerry Moreshead has improved in health. He has been discharged from Machias Healthcare and is now residing with his daughter Kelly in Meddybemps. Keep improving, Jerry.

 Baring lost another resident due to a move. David Mahar recently moved to the Calais Methodist Home complex. Here is hoping you enjoy your new “digs,” David.

 Good luck to Duane McLellan who will be going into surgery on Friday. Duane will be a patient at EMMC for a few days after he has his leg reset. He was injured will doing firefighter classes at the Calais Fire Department.

 Update on the Town Meeting  The selectmen has been working hard finding a date for the next town meeting. If I understand all correctly, the meeting will be held one day in the week of February 12 at the Baring Fire Department. Yup, you read it right, The Baring Fire Department. The equipment will be moved out, the heat turned on, and chairs in place. The agenda will include the election of officers and the agreement with Baileyville will be voted on. Please attend.

The above is all I know or can remember. Sorry about the lapse in publications. I will try to do better.


Have a wonderful week, avoid the flu, and smile.