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Dave McCullough

We have beautiful Maine weather with cold and clear nights and temperatures hovering around freezing or below. Ice is being made on all the lakes in the area and ice fishing has been open on other area lakes since January 1st and on February 1st West Grand Lake is open to fishing. Many folks travel long distances to participate in this fun winter sport (trying to make all of neighbors wintering in Florida envious).  So get out your snowmobiles, skates and snowshoes!

On Saturday, February 4th, join the Grand Lake Snowmobile Club and the Downeast Lakes Land Trust for a “Group Trail Ride” through the Downeast Lakes Community Forest!  Interested participants should bring their snowmobiles and meet at the Grand Lake Snowmobile Club for a 10 am start.  Food and gas are available at the Pine Tree Store in Grand Lake Stream.  This event celebrates the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, sponsoring events and programs all across Maine.

On February 14, 2017 at 5:30, the Women to Women will be having a Pot Luck Supper to celebrate the day!  Strawberry shortcake will be served for dessert. Everyone is welcome and rumor has it there will be door prizes.

Since West Grand lake opens to ice fishing on Wednesday, I wanted to give an update about the ice conditions.  Overall the lake is fairly good. In the places I checked, the ice thickness was 10-12 inches. 

From the dam to Munson it is a bit scary. There are quite a few open holes on the Grand Lake Lodge side of the lake. There is a lot of open water between Munson Island and the Bonney brook road.  The points and rocks piles have open water around them.  

Please use caution as the lake is lower than it has ever been for this time of year.  There are rocks sticking out where people have never seen them This is Brad Richards report from yesterday.  The Snowmobile Club says there is snow and ice out there...not much but enough to go.

Comments from the Hermit:  We watch with interest and concern the nation-wide “spontaneous” protest marches by paid anarchists who are bused from one city to another.  I’m ashamed to admit I was once involved in an act of civil disobedience organizing and carrying out a student uprising.  In the fall of my sophomore year at U.N.H. in Durham, we four dorm-mates went down to the grassy area enclosed by three new dorms and blew a trumpet call.  Gathering our forces we marched onto the women’s dormitories and launched a “panty raid”.  Some one-hundred of us gathered at the main unit shouting at the residents to throw down their undergarments.  They responded by raining down upon us all manner of lethal objects including but not limited to pots, books and cleaning supplies but no underwear.  Campus Security rushed to the scene in the person of Louie – a sixty year old Franco American who was liked and respected by the student body.  Armed only with a flashlight he passed through the crowd reminding us how many he knew. He suggested we dispense or the Dean of Admissions would have a list of names the next day.  We skulked off into the night.  

I along with most of my buddies was enrolled in R.O.T.C. We took military courses and training for four years.  Upon graduation we would be commissioned as 2nd Lt. in the army.  We would then spend four years of active duty.  It was the time of the Korean War.  Selective Service (the draft) required all eligible 18 year old males to register with Uncle Sam.  If your number came up you were in the army for two years.  If we were reported to the Dean, we would have to be expelled from R.O.T.C. and the University and forced to join the army immediately, having lost our college deferment.  The point of this story is to highlight the incredible social changes.  Rioters are neither controlled nor punished. College campuses have riot police and swat teams. I’ve come to believe the “good old days” were just that.  P.S.  Please pray for Bruce and Barry.

Jenifer discovered an old math textbook published in 1897 for high school students. Could you pass this test? Remember no calculators allowed!

A, B and C working together can do a piece of work in 12 hours, and A and C working together can do the work in 16 hours.  How many hours will it take B alone to do the work?

The coyote Contest totals are as follows: Overall Total:  30.  Seventeen males and 13 females. The largest male 48.83 pounds tagged by Tim Jipson and Earl Smith has tagged the largest female which weighed in at 35.26 pounds.

Keep in mind that the Pine Tree Store is open seven days a week from 7 to 7. Also Canal Side cabins are open during the winter and Joanne at Indian Rock Camps will cook up a meal if you reserve ahead.

Keep the donations flowing into The Grand Lake Stream Fund Raiser to purchase a used mini pumper/brush pickup truck. Send them to GLS Fire Department, 6 Tanbark Street, GLS, 04668


Your Humble Correspondent, Dave McCullough at 207-712-8294 or Answer to puzzle is 48 hours