Calais Knights of Columbus Local Free Throw Champions

Photo: The proud winners, posed for a photo with the local Knights. Front row: L to R: Justin Harnois, Ti Bennett, Kaden Small and Liam Mitchell. Back row L to R: Tom MacDonald, Knights of Columbus Program Director, Sophia McVicar, Nedra Bassett, Alexis Donahue, Mitchell Gower and Grand Knight George Mclaughlin.

The St. Croix Knights of Columbus Council #149 held their Council Free Throw Contest this past Saturday, February 4th at the Calais Elementary School. Eight boys and girls from Calais, Baileyville and Perry, age 9 to 14 were named Council Champions of the 2017 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship and have earned the right to compete at the State level. The St. Croix Council #149 in Calais, sponsored the local competition at the Calais Elementary School. All youngsters ages 9 to 14 were eligible to participate.

Alexis Donahue was the 12 year old girls champion. Nedra Bassett was the 13 year old girls champion, and Sophia McVicar was the 14 year old girls champion. Liam O'Neill was the boys 9 year old champion. Kaden Small was the 11 year old boys champion. Ti Bennett was the 12 year boys champ. Justin Harnois was the boys 13 year old champ, and Mitchell Gower was the 14 year old boys champion.

East contestant was allowed 15 free throw attempts in the contests. Ties were settled by successive rounds of five free throws per contest until a winner emerged.

Each of these winners will compete in the State Competition to be held on March 11th at the Old Town High School in Old Town, ME. Those individuals who get 25 out of 25 will be International Champions.