Calais Recreation Basketball Results


3rd & 4th  

MMA 29 Husson 18

MMA wins 3rd & 4th grade championship 29-28

Kason Dana led MMA with 11pts, Louis Newell and Frank Miliano each had 6pts, Jenna Suddy added 4pts, and Lovella Miliano had 2pts. Oliver Clark led all scorers with 14pts and Kate McPhee assed 4 pts for Husson


7th & 8th

Cavs 49 Celtics 47

Cavs over the Celtics in the semi-finals 49-47. The Cavs were led by Petak Dana with 16 pts, Tyler Furtek had 10 pts, Jerry Harmon and Luke Furtek each with 8 pts.

Sophia McVicar led the Celtics with 22 pts, Natalie Altvater had 10pts, and Nichele Giero added 6pts.

Thunder 45 Cavs 41

Thunder wins 2017 Championship with a 45-41 win over Cavs.

Tony Dana led the Thunder with 24 pts, Nedra Bassett added 11pts, and Jace Cook Chipped in with 8 pts.

Luke Furtek led the Cavs with 23 pts, Tyler Furtek and Petak Danna each had 6 pts.


Warriors 86 T-Wolves 62

Warriors Leading Scorers Chad James with 31 Pat Francis Jr 14 Kyle Johnson 12.


For the T-Wolves Rod Tirrell Jr 29, Daine Greenier 22