Fundraiser to Save Robbinston Grange Building

By Amy Jeanroy

The Grange in Robbinston needs updating, and members are asking for your help. 

Kathy Mekelburg, a Grange member for 21 years, said that the Robbinston Grange building needs a lot of work done. She estimates $30,000-$40,000 worth of repairs which would add years to the life of the building. The Robbinston Grange has about 15 members, who currently meet regularly, and although they can't meet in their own building, they still offer social events for their community, like their upcoming "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" that has to be held at the old Robbinston school building this year. 

The 62-year-old historic building has been a part of the Robbinstion landscape for many people's lives, and the group hopes to preserve it. Although structurally sound, The building needs repairs and new windows, repair to the wiring and other odds and ends done.  

In the state of Maine, the Grange has a rich history. Once called Farmer's Clubs in the 1850's, the clubs would debate agricultural and household issues. 

According to State Historian Stan Howe, after the Civil War, the organization soon merged into the Grange that rural populations know of today. Also named Patrons of Husbandry, the organization came to Maine in 1873. The first Maine State Grange was in Lewiston and by the end of the year 1874, there was sixty-four Granges with around 2000 members. By 1907, the number of granges grew to 419 and membership increased to 55,212. 


For nearly 130 years, Grange halls have served as community centers for dances, town meetings, political rallies and other community social events. In rural towns across America, the local Grange was the glue that held a community together. In Robbinston, the members of the Grange feel strongly that their organization is an important part of the community, and they are working hard on a fundraiser to help bring in the money needed to get their building back in order. To donate to the Robbinston Grange fundraiser, LIKE their Facebook page in order to stay updated, or visit their GoFundMe page for more information.