Elementary School Students Working Toward College Goals

By Kaileigh Deacon

One Tuesday night teachers, students, and parents gathered at Washington County Community College to help recognize thirteen local students who have received scholarships. These students were thirteen elementary school students from Calais, Woodland, and Princeton. 

These students were selected after writing an essay about their college aspirations and goals as part of the Future of Maine College Aspirations Scholarship. Winners of the Scholarship were awarded a t-shirt, a VIP badge good at half of the colleges in the state of Maine, as well as $100. 

The $100 is to be used by the students to help obtain their goals of a college education and reaching their dreams there and beyond. While $100 is a small sum when it comes to college costs it can help alleviate even a small portion of the load. The money can be used to cover college application fees, travel expenses for campus visits, books when at college, or the tools students need to learn a skill related to their field of study; including summer camps. 

“I like seeing you students making it happen for yourselves,” Bob Stuart of the Maine College Circle said at Tuesday night’s award ceremony. At the ceremony each student was brought to the front of the room, while Stuart read a bit about each student on their goals and a few words from their teachers. All of these students were from grades three through six who have goals of going to colleges from University of Maine to Harvard and goals from baking to doctors. 

 It is encouraging to see thirteen students already thinking about what they want to do and what colleges they want to attend, good luck to all students. 

Shelby Cookson was one of the 13 recipients of the Future of Maine College Aspirations Scholarships on Tuesday evening. Shelby is in Mrs. James' 5th grade class at Calais Elementary School. She plans to attend the Academy of Art to study Fashion Design. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).