Principal Motivates Students By Eating Bugs

By Jarod Farn-Guillette

For the past year Princeton Elementary Principal Charity Williams has used unusual means to motivate students to study harder. Covering grades three to eight, if a certain goal of honor roll students is reached, she is in for a treat, a seasoned creepy-crawly treat. Principal Williams came up with the idea, tasking her students with proposing various “punishments” to be meted out against her by the high achievers. The suggestions students proposed were not all feasible, but all equally hilarious if disgusting. Swimming in a pool of snakes, getting slimed, to eating a ghost pepper were crossed off the list. Today's event, which made the cut, involved taping her to a wall while feeding her some once-creeping, crawling and leaping but now baked and roasted insects. The students, in their compassion, at least didn't propose eating them live. 

The school uses a quarter-system, and according to Williams, for the past two, the honor roll number was not met. This quarter proved different. With a goal of thirty-five students, it was exceeded by one, and those thirty-six diligent scholars were rewarded, and true to her word, Williams, normally a strong orator, was taped to a wall in the gym with cricket legs sticking out between pursed lips. The honor roll students have the honor of sticking it to their demanding and unconventional teacher and principal, literally.  


The event was not just reserved for those on the honor roll but was opened up for all in the school to witness. Hoping to inspire future hard workers and academics with the chance to torture the principal, it was a rowdy and boisterous spectacle for the younger students. With faces just as contorted as Williams, some students seemed even more tortured than the hapless victim crucified for their education by the thought of eating bugs. On the menu were bbq roasted crickets and meal worms. Using black and yellow gorilla tape, Williams was fixed to the side column of the stage in the gym while standing on a chair. Thirty-six students wrapping and sticking, today's event appeared to be a stronger motivation to apply themselves to their homework than last year's pie-in-the-face. In addition to being the principal, she is also the Title I teacher. One wonders how this can even be topped for next quarter's honor roll but she would make an excellent candidate for Fear Factor if ever the opportunity arose. To everyone's amazement the cocoon of tape encasing Williams held when the chair was removed. With their principal's feet dangling one standard elementary student's chair height above the ground, the room filled with applause.