206th Town of Robbinston Birthday Party

Photo: Children attending the birthday party for Robbinston had a great time making popsicle stick rafts and pictures of what they like about the town. The Robbinston Historical Society is making a renewed effort to include the children in the scheduled activities. (Photo by Sarah Strickland).

By Dorothy Johnson

The Robbinston Historical Society enjoyed a wonderful birthday party for the town on Saturday.  More than forty interested citizens attended to hear John Allen Churchill speak of the earliest residents/visitors to Robbinston and of the founder of the town, Edward Robbins of Milton, Massachusetts. Children were engaged in craft activities and gleefully put a flag on a map of Robbinston representing where they lived. A trivia questionnaire was completed by all those who wanted to participate and Wayne Johnson was determined the winner for having the most correct answers.  Several others tied for second place.

A beautiful cake with a picture of the Grace Chapel was made and decorated by Lynn Quinn.  The cake was served along with the six dozen cupcakes made by Kourtney Shirley with coffee and juice for the children.  The Robbinston Historical Society members are working toward making the historical center a truly family venue.  This birthday party was the first of several events planned for the year and was deemed a tremendous success.

At the birthday party, Robbinston’s Boston Post cane was turned over to the Robbinston Historical Society.  From now on, a certificate will be presented to the oldest citizen of the town and the cane itself will remain in possession of the Historical Society.  As part of the celebration, Marty Brooks accepted the certificate for his father, Clifford Brooks, who is presently in a care facility in Bangor. Marty told of Cliff’s dedication to Robbinston and that he has lived here all of his life except for a few years in the military and a short work period in another state.

The 206th birthday of the Town of Robbinston was celebrated with this beautiful cake showing the Grace Chapel.  The cake was made and decorated by Lynn Quinn and shared by everyone at the party. (Photo by Sarah Strickland).

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves during the celebration. (Photo by Sarah Strickland).