Letter to the Editor

To The Editor: 

This letter is in response to Dana Kadey's letter to your paper. Princeton school competes with Topsfield, Alexander, and Baileyville grade schools. The last few years we have had more students with learning disabilities. I have sat in classes and observed special education teacher's instruction. When these students take these standardized tests, they get low marks that tend to bring down the higher achieving student's percentage. I have to commend our teachers for setting a good basic foundation so that when they enter high school, most become high achievers. 

The 2012 graduates of Baileyville High School had ten highest scorers. There was one from Topsfield, one from Alexander, two from Baileyville and six from Princeton. Six out of ten is a pretty good average. 

You can say what you want to about the Princeton School, but they turn out some really good students. 

Vernon Wentworth

Princeton School Board Member