Robbinston Grange Actively Recruiting New Members


By Amy Jeanroy


At the Grange meeting Monday evening, Grange President Kathy Meckelberg spent time discussing active recruitment of new members as a priority. 

“We need new members in order to stay active,” Said Meckelberg. “Hopefully families will consider joining,” she said, referring to the family-oriented nature of their group and events. 

A Grange is historically family friendly, and as one of the members, Maureen Gildea said, “Our events are good for all ages. The teens in this area need events that are safe and fun. That's the kind of thing that the Grange offers.” 

With their upcoming fundraiser on March 17th, the Robbinston Grange hopes to entice families to come out and enjoy an old-fashioned New England Boiled Dinner and have a great time at the Knights of Columbus Hall. With plenty of homemade food and live music, it will be a wonderful way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and help support an organization with roots deep in New England culture. Visit the Robbinston Grange on Facebook, or contact Debbie at 904-9658.