Baring Holds Town Meeting

By Sally Doten


On February 28, 24 residents, out of a possible 127 voters, turned out at the town meeting to vote on the warrant with 10 Articles.  The following officers were voted on with compensation:

Town ClerkMary McLellan           $750

First SelectmanMark Hornbrook        $3500

Second Selectman       Tina Erskine               $2500

Third SelectmanRay Faulkner              $1500

School BoardErin Guire                   $150 (3 years)

School BoardCandy Bridges            $100 (2 years)

School Board              Gertrude Damon        $100 (1 year)

Registrar of VotersMary McLellan        $200

Animal ControlDavid Townsend         $300

Cemetery OverseerSally Doten          $200

All officers ran unopposed and were sworn into office by Acting Town Clerk Sally Doten. Erin Guire was moderator for this meeting.

The 10th Article read: To see if the Plantation will vote the selectpersons to transfer property to the Town of Baileyville  from the Industrial Park Road in exchange for free police and fire services from Baileyville, Maine. Some residents present were not in favor of this.  One of the questions asked was, "How will Baileyville benefit from this." Selectman Hornbrook tried to explain how the town lines would change and one lot would be given to Baring. Those questioning  the Article asked that it be put on hold and to have another meeting with the Baileyville council. Another discussion ensued. Finally it was agreed to hold another Town Meeting. This second meeting will be  held in the Baileyville Council Chambers on March 16, 2017 at 6:30 pm. If you have an opinion for or against this article, please plan to attend this meeting.