CHS Holds Winter Carnival After Delay



 Photo: Due to the erratic weather the week before school vacation Calais High School's Winter Carnival was postponed until the week after the break. One of the student favorites of Winter Carnival are the games. Wednesday morning activity period was for tug-of-war and bombardment. Here the Junior class is struggling to pull out a victory. 


By Kaileigh Deacon

Students at Calais High School have always looked forward to the week before February vacation because that is when the school’s annual Winter Carnival is held. This year though due to the string of heavy storms and three canceled school days, the decision was made to postpone the event until this past week. 

The delay didn’t change the event, with the exception of the National Guard obstacle course. Student favorites like crab soccer and four corner volleyball were still played. 

This year’s theme was seasons, and with four seasons and four classes it worked out well. Seniors chose winter, Juniors had summer, Sophomores picked fall, and Freshman came in fresh with Spring. The snow sculptures initially didn’t seem like a problem, but after several warm days and rain a lot of the snow melted, but all four classes pulled off four amazing sculptures. All the hallways, banners, and skits were well done too. 

After a close battle for first place, the Junior class of 2018 came out on top, but the Senior class didn’t go away empty handed. They went away with the Spirit cup. After Friday night’s bonfire the Winter Carnival King and Queen were named. Those honors went to Joshua Davenport and Tianna Bacon. 

 Even with the delays the 2017 Winter Carnival was a success. Not only did the students have a good time but also several good causes benefited from the books, pennies, can tabs, and pie-in-the-face donations that were collected throughout the week. 


The Sophomore Class had fall as their season for this year's winter carnival and their class banner showing their true fall colors. 


This year the Calais High School Winter Carnival was wrapped up not by a dance as in years past but rather by a bonfire outside and then some music and the awards inside. The bonfire was delayed initially due to the strong winds on Friday. But after a hour and the winds dying down a bit the Calais Fire Department gave their okay to go ahead.