Coastal Glass Comes to Calais


Photo: Nelson Stewart, Joshua Stewart, Todd Stewart and Daniel Stewart. (Photos by Amy Jeanroy).

By Amy Jeanroy

 Coastal Glass, formerly located in Robbinston, has relocated to 484 North Street in Calais. Co-owned by Todd Stewart and his son Daniel, the decision to move to the new location was the result of over a year-long conversation between the two men. 

“Daniel was the one who originally wanted to move to Calais,” says Todd. “Doing mobile repair out of my home was good enough for one income, but we wanted to expand the business and needed to be more visible to the customers. When Daniel found this place was available, we moved here.”

The business has come full circle, returning to Calais where Todd's father started it in 1978. Originally located where the Dollar Tree is now,  Todd began working with his dad after school when he was 16 and has worked in the glass business ever since. Now, his sons Daniel and Joshua work with him in a business that spans  over thirty-five years and three generations. 

 Coastal Glass offers a wide range of glass repair and service. The company offers mobile repair as well as in-house. They work with commercial and residential customers, even marine glass repair. They also offer their mobile repair service at no extra charge. When asked to list all the types of glass installation and repair Coastal Glass can do, Todd sums it up in true Downeast style, saying, “We do anything with glass.”