Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


After spending several days driving through the mud holes, the cold weather froze the ruts and now driving in and out of my driveway is like riding a buck board.  I have been reminded of the old corduroy roads residents used to have for their main roads. The experts are predicting freezing rain, sleet and rain for the next couple of days.  I will be back in the mud holes.

Congratulations to the Machias Bull Dogs for bringing a gold ball back to Washington County.  The Shead Tigerettes put on a good game, but fell short for defending their 2016 gold ball.

The Peoples’ United Methodist Church supper was a huge success in spite of the malfunction of the phones for call-in orders.  Members made almost $1200 for their efforts and were very happy with the results. The United Methodist Women of the church will meet on Thursday (March 9th) at the church basement.  Those wanting to share a fellowship, brown bag lunch should come at 11:30 am.  The meeting will begin promptly at 12:30 pm. Because of poor weather in January and February on meeting days, this will be the first meeting of 2017 and there will be many important issues to discuss.

Edward and Blanche Barnes who live on the Lake Road lost their house to fire Monday morning. They had great grand children living with them.  No one was hurt. Fire Departments  from Robbinston, Red  Beach and Calais assisted the Perry fire Department at the scene. Should anyone want to help the family, which is now living in a motel room, the sizes for the great grand daughter is 7-8 and for the boy the size is 14. The young man wears only wind pants or sweat pants.

The Woodland community was saddened this week to hear of the passing of Blanche Haskins.  Blanche was a loyal member of the American Legion Auxiliary and spent many hours working on their projects and keeping the financial books. When I first went to Woodland in 1969, Blanche was the postmistress at the old shopping center across from the mill’s administration office. She made the move to the new spot in the new shopping center and worked there for several years.  Blanche has been in poor health for quite some time.  Sympathy is extended to her friends and family.

The warm weather and the bare ground have the deer moving again.  I saw two on the way home from Calais today. Drivers are asked to watch out for the animals. The deer are not that big, but they can do a number on a vehicle and possibly the passengers.

The warm weather has also sent Howie Duvall and Jimmy Morrell to the maple groves.  They have been tapping the trees and collecting sap and are enjoying not having so much snow in the woods.  When Howie and Jim have some sap collected and boiled down, they may share a little home grown maple syrup with everyone…or maybe not.

Special hellos are being sent out this week to Eldon Libby, Ron McAlpine, Rhoda Lynn Leavitt, Robert and Rita Harriman, Charlene Perkins, Greta Leighton, J. J. Hanson, Gloria Smith, Lynn Hill and anyone else who needs a lift.

At Lincoln Memorial Library, Barbara Windhorst, Amy Savage and Melinda Jaques were available for Story Time, which this week focused on penguins. The children really enjoyed the craft project led by Barbara, showing penguins enjoying the snow.  The next Story Time will be on March 15th and will focus on maple syrup making.

The next installment of “Reilly, Ace of Spies” will be Friday, March 18th at 6pm titled “Dreadnoughts & Cross.”

The Dennysville Fire Department held a two-day training last weekend on extricating people who get trapped in car accidents as well as other mandatory trainings. The local volunteers are very dedicated. Taking their weekends to stay up-to-date on training is commendable.

The Charlotte Fire Department’s Auxiliary met on Thursday, March 2nd to set dates for the upcoming fund raisers.  Unfortunately, there will not be a yard sale this June. The sale has become too labor intensive for too few people.  The three public suppers will be at the Fire Station on Rte 214 on Wednesday, July 12 at 5:30 pm, Wednesday, August 16th at 5:30 and Saturday, September 9 at 5pm. The craft fair will be at the Charlotte Elementary School the first Saturday of November.  The new occasion for fundraising for the Auxiliary is participating in a Craft Fair at the Pembroke Elementary School where the group has been invited to have a bake sale on Saturday, March 11. The group is not specifically soliciting baked donations from the community, but any offerings (wrapped and ready to sell) would be happily accepted. Anyone who wishes to help with this project should call Eileen Clark (454-8825).  The only limitation is that no peanut butter or nuts should be included in the recipes, as the school is  “peanut free”.  Donations should be taken to the fire station by 8 am to be transported to Pembroke.

Monday, March 13 the Soup and Sermon Lenten service is being sponsored by the church in Dennysville.  The Soup and Sermon will be served at noon.  Come share Lenten meditation and a bowl of soup of with Christian friends.

The Edmunds-Dennysville Congregational Church is having a boiled dinner with all of the fixings on March 18th beginning at 5pm.  The next breakfast at the church will be Saturday, April 1st and it will be a benefit for Sammy Seavey.

Next Sunday (March 12 at 12 am) residents will need to turn their clocks ahead.  Spring ahead.

Stay safe and have a good week.