Out and About


By Dorothy Johnson


Low temperatures and strong winds have been the story for the past week.  Even the birds have headed for the shelter of the woods.  Lulu is beside herself with the cold.  We are in luck though.  The experts tell us that the temperatures will warm up and then we will have another blizzard.  Since we are now about half way through March, we optimists can see the light at the end of the tunnel. By the time readers are seeing this column, they will know if the experts were correct.

The Robbinston Fire Department answered a call at the home owned by Susan Wentworth on Route 1 in Robbinston this week.  The home was being rented by Tina Moholland and she lived there with her children.  The fire was extinguished before it could do much damage.  Robbinston Fire Department was assisted by Calais Fire Department.  Perry was on its way to the scene when it was called off. Residents of this area are fortunate to have neighboring departments to call on when they need extra help.

The United Methodist Women of the Peoples’ United Methodist Church met on Thursday and set Saturday, April 29th as the date of the Spring Fling. This will be the usual inside yard sale and bake sale with lunches.

Last week Brent and Allie Bohanon brought home a little brother for Kate. Grandparents Monty and Linda Bohanon and Phil Crosby and Great-grandmother Ruth Foss are just as excited as they were with Kate’s arrival. 

The Woodland Community was saddened to hear of the death of Greta Leighton last week.  Greta was a life time resident of Woodland/Princeton communities except for the years she worked in Bangor.  She was a wonderful cook, always eager to try a new recipe. She was active in several groups until she came into ill health. Sympathies go out to her family, sons Brian and Brent Boomer and daughter Lisa and sister Charlene.  We will all miss her.

A long time resident of Robbinston, Dale “Bud” Perry also passed this week. “Bud” was my grandfather’s right hand man for many years here on the farm. He moved his family to Calais for many years while he worked for the Department of Transportation. As soon as he could, he returned to Robbinston Ridge and bought Ralph Spearin’s old farm, which was only a short distance from where he grew up. Active with farming right through last summer, he kept going as long as he could.  His wife Judy, daughter Jean, grandson Carlton and great-granddaughter Carlie Jane (C.J.) as well as many friends will miss him.

Special hellos are being sent out this week to Gloria Smith, Ruth Foss, Dick Carroll, Pastor Ron Windhorst, Judy Perry, Eldon Libby, Elwin Daley, Susan McCray and anyone else who needs a lift.

The Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville has several books free for the taking.  Cook books, gardening and plant books, paperbacks and a few pre-publication books are available.  Hours are still Monday 4-7 pm and Tuesday and Friday 11:30am to 4pm. The library is still asking for volunteers to help out during library hours.  “Reilly, Ace of Spies” series will continue on Friday, March 17th at the library.

The remaining Soups and Sermons have been set.  Monday, March 20th, the group will gather at the Perry Congregational Church on the Shore Road.  The sermon will be a music format and the soups will be hamburger and onion. March 27th, the meeting will be at the Eastport Senior Citizen Center.  April 3rd, participants will meet at the Pembroke Iron Woks Church and the last meeting on April 10th will be held at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Eastport.

The Perry and Dennysville Congregations Churches were delighted to have Pastor Ron Windhorst back in the pulpit again following his month long absence to recover from a heart attack.  He is still in that long recovery phase, but he is now able to begin participating in all activities of the church.

Saturday, March 18th the annual boiled dinner with all the usual fixings will be held at the Parish Hall in Dennysville.  This dinner usually has a great turnout so let’s hope the weather co-operates.

Last Saturday, the Charlotte Fire and Rescue Department Auxiliary mounted its first fund-raiser of the year by having a bake table and crock pot lunches at the craft fair held at the Pembroke Elementary School.  Their table took in approximately $500 to start this year’s fund.  This is just in time to cover several needs that have developed for the department.

The community at large was sorry to hear of the passing of Judy Putnam of Calais. Judy’s enthusiasm and joy in singing for the Lord were uplifting for all that heard her. She would often visit the Sewall Congregational Church in Robbinston and contribute to the voices there. Judy also showed her love of serving others by cleaning residents’ cars of snow after a big storm at the Methodist Homes complex. Judy seemed always to be happy and she brought much happiness to others.

Stay safe and have a great week.