ATV into Calais


By Michael R. Brown


The redrawn flood plains are giving lots of municipalities fits, especially since FEMA is so intransigent about negotiations. Getting objections to any shifting of boundaries requires surveying and legal work, and that sort of work must be done by individual landowners. But sometimes, taking a hard look at what the possibilities might be opens new avenues—or perhaps alternate developmental and recreational options.

The Calais City Council has been struggling for some time in its effort to find four wheeling (ATV) access into downtown, especially since it now has positive management for the pedestrian path along the river, marina capability, and a clear way to develop a building north of the library. The waterfront does not preclude further development, and the town seems to have a clear path to ships from the Department of Transportation.

 For several years councilors have been struggling to find access into the heart of downtown around the Moosehead, through Baring, or along the railroad right of way. Now, as though a curtain had been lifted, councilors see the possibility for entry to downtown from the south. With the cooperation of a very active ATV club in Robbinston, it is possible Calais could have an extension of the Sunrise Trail that runs all the way from Ellsworth.  Councilor Sherrard noted that ATVers spend a lot of money.

The opening of such potential is not without it limits. Councilor Mingo voiced the need for an ATV club to spend some money to help build the trail. Will motorized vehicles receive clearance all the way into the city? Can the city find someone to use the waterfront building?

Local citizens should stay tuned. Like a fresh late March breeze from the southwest, brighter days might bring increased growth.