Baring Town Meeting Held in Baileyville


On March 16, 2017, Baring Plantation held a town meeting at the Baileyville Council Chambers.  It is not unusual for small towns to "borrow" a hall to hold meetings. The many towns and plantations throughout the state meet in community buildings outside their town borders; populations simply cannot afford town halls.

The selectmen of Baring (Mark Hornbrook, Tina Erskine, and Ray Faulkner) and Town Manager of Baileyville (Rick Bronson) again presented to the 18 Baring residents the problems of the Baileyville Industrial Park being partially in Baring. Baileyville has been paying taxes to Baring for lots located in the park on the Baring side for some years now. If an interested party were to buy a lot of land, part of that land could belong to both communities. To have this made more simple for purchasers,it was decided to move the property lines so everything belongs to Baileyville. This has to be approved by the State Legislature. In addition, Baileyville agreed to make the following concessions to Baring:

Baring will receive Fire Protection from Baileyville

Baileyville Police will be the first responders to Baring as the needs arise.

The streets of Baring will be swept yearly by the Baileyville Public Works.

A one time payment of $25, 000 will be given to Baring from Baileyville.

Thank you to the officials of both towns for the hard work and many hours they put in to make this possible. Baring residents, hopefully, will appreciate having our "up the road neighbors" available for us as needed.