Veteran Purchases Multiple Flags for Downtown Flag Project


By Amy Jeanroy


Vietnam War Veteran, Theo P. Sperdakos, of Alexander sent a check to Mike McLean of the Calais American Legion to purchase 39 flags for the Downtown Flag Project. The flags, writes Mr. Sperdakos in a letter provided to the Calais Advertiser, are in memory of the 39 members of the sniper team that he was a part of who were killed in combat during the Vietnam War. 

 "My donation of 39 flags are for these 39 brave Rangers who made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our beloved country. Please respect these flags and view them with honor and respect."

The Downtown Patriotism Project will display flags starting in May, and Commander McLean hopes to expand the number of flags to include South Street. To purchase one of the flags, contact 214-4430 for more information.