Artemis' Attic to Hold a Fashion Pop-Up in Time for Spring

By Jarod Farn-Guillette


Downtown favorite for all things unconventional, unique and fun, Artemis' Attic recently held a pop-up store, selling Lularoe, a predominately women's fashion line, with some men's offerings. From Friday until Saturday the Attic, as it's commonly known, was host to Valarie Little, the Calais vendor of the brand. In the tupperwear party theme of sales, the store was more a party, this time slightly less practical. 

Lularoe has a unique brand story among the fashion labels out there. With marketing methods similar to that of independent vendors, ala Mary Kay, minus the pink Cadillac, and a style-mark that's more modest than most other retailers, it finds its niche in comfort and vibrant patterns. The company's founder, seeking to balance work and being a mom, sees the company as an avenue to financial independence for many women. Partnering with charity organizations that promote empowering women and single mothers working, the recent pop-up store fits well in the Attic, as the Attics owners are two of Calais' most successful business women. With more than one retail shop downtown owned by a woman, clearly there is a significant impact on the local economy by women. Whether it is books, clothing, collectables, designer goods, or jewelry, much of downtown is no longer a boys club.