Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


Residents sitting inside looking out their windows noticed a spring-like scene in the St. Croix Valley.  The temperature warmed during the day Saturday and the frozen ruts melted into mud holes.  Still the wind blew, but everyone was hopeful for the coming spring.  Now the experts are saying that we will have a few days of snowy, rainy weather for the coming week.  That will mean more mud holes here on the farm.  I have heard from others that I do not have a monopoly on this condition. 

First this week, I have to make a correction.  The Soup and Sermon at the Pembroke Methodist Church, formerly called the Iron Works Methodist Church by we old people, will be at 12 noon on Monday, April 3rd. I apologize to anyone sitting in the church parking place on the Little Falls Road as I correct this information.

Former Superintendent of Schools in the Baileyville/Princeton area, Dr. Robert Fifield passed away last week in the Bangor Veterans’ Home/Hospital. When in Woodland Dr. Bob lived on Summit Street and built a huge garage on his property near Anita Lydic’s.  He had been a superintendent of schools in California for many years before coming back to his native Maine. After full retirement, he and his wife Ginny came to Woodland for a part of each summer and they both loved going to the Community Café at the Methodist Church. Even in retirement, he always had a project going.  He has been in poor health for some time now and Ginny faithfully visited him as often as she could from their apartment at Winterberry Heights. He made many friends in Woodland who, along with his wife and family, will miss him very much.

The English Church in Baileyville has been sold by the Episcopal Diocese and the new owners are “gutting” it to make way for a new building.  I feel sad that such an historic landmark is going to be demolished, but no organization has the money to take care of it. 

Former Woodland Dragon Jason Moffit, now the Chief of Police in Brewer, made the headlines last week when he and his many crew members were able to save a man who was in the cold Penobscot River.  A cold water rescue is difficult at any time, but it is especially difficult in the freezing temperatures.  Jason spoke highly of his police officers and the cold water rescue squad that worked together on saving this man’s life. Jason, you make us home town proud.

Another former Woodland Dragon, Tara LaPlant Dwelley, now a family nurse practitioner, is returning to this area to work at the St. Croix Regional Family Health Care Center in Princeton. After graduating from Woodland High School, she earned her psychology degree from the University of Connecticut and then her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Southern Maine. Congratulations, Tara, and good luck with your new position.

I received a note from Maureen Calder last week.  Fergie is in ill health and does not go out much at all.  Maureen is busy taking care of him.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to both of them.  They have been visited by daughter Sarah and her son and are expecting a visit from daughter Charlotte in April.

I had lunch with Nada White and Janice Ferry on Saturday.  Janice told us of granddaughter Elizabeth Ferry’s (daughter of John Ferry of Winslow) work in the Peace Corps.  She is teaching English in Africa and loves what she is doing.  Janice also showed us pictures of Bobby and Jessica Ferry’s twins (I cannot believe how they have grown) and a picture of Michelle and Carl Ripley’s baby, Sophia Paige. These former students are constantly reminding me of how old I am getting.

The Pie Ladies’ Tea held last Saturday was a success. The ladies had many participants and will be planning more teas in the future along with other activities.  Drop in and enjoy the ambience of the little shop, have a treat there and take some more treats home for the family. The shop is opened Wednesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Special hellos are going out this week to the following: Gardie Rolfe, Mike and Marilyn Trafton, Dick Carroll, Susan McCray, Gloria Smith, Fergie Calder, Winnie Dorr and anyone else needing a lift. Many area residents have been reported ailing.  Perhaps real spring weather will help all of us.

An Ecumenical Good Friday service will be held at Christ Episcopal Church in Eastport of Friday, April 14th at 4 p.m.

Emergency supplies needed for the Garrapy Food Pantry include saltine type crackers, pasta, canned tuna and quart packets of powdered milk.

On Saturday, April 1 the monthly breakfast at the Parish Hall at the Congregational Church in Dennysville will be to benefit Sammy Seavey and his family.  Members will serve the breakfast from 7-9 a.m.

On Wednesday, March 29th at 6 p.m. Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville library personnel will be presenting a video that focuses on the William Bradford diaries telling of early life on the Plymouth Plantation with the Pilgrims.

Story Time this week at the library in Dennysville will include a wonderful children’s picture book showing animals reading and doing things with books. 

Have a good week and stay safe.