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Sally Doten



Another week is in the books!! It is Tuesday afternoon and I see beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine. Now for the “but;” it’s going to snow tomorrow or so the weatherman says. I can only hope that he’s wrong. I am so sick of snow and cloudy days I could scream. Now maybe it’s my age, but I can’t remember another winter that has taken so long to leave. I don’t want to move south so I just hope the weatherman is wrong. He has been before.

So now let’s look to see what is happening in Baring. Starting on School Street, there is nothing going on there, not even a house. On Trott Street, you will find Ruth Johnson and 2 old homes that need tearing down. Ruth, I hope you are feeling well. So around the corner we go and down Front Street. It’s nice to see Bill Dellaroco and Barbara Polhemus back in town for the summer. Not much going on down Honey Street, at least not that I know of. Center Street finds Eddie Noddin home from the hospital after a bout with pneumonia. I was in Ellsworth on Thursday after being in Bangor on Wednesday. I was the chauffeur for both trips.

On the main highway, the Bailey’s have purchased Downeast Glass. Candy Bridges is still selling delicious fudge and pretty clothes at Baring Gifts. Billy Pulk (Red Beach) will soon be selling modular homes on the O’Neill lot. And Heatherwood Gardens have all their flowers started.

Sending good thoughts to: Sonny and Rita Stewart, Flo Russell, Billy Brown, Shelly Bodkin, Kaloua Cookson, and all flu victims or to those that just need a “hello!”

Stay well and be safe.