Smith Ridge Farm

Smith Ridge Farm (387 Smith Ridge Road, Dennysville) is a small demonstration of organic greenhouses and tunnel gardening. Its objective is to show how salad greens can be grown all winter with only nighttime wood burning stove heat keeping the greens above freezing. The enterprise caters primarily to customers willing to visit the farm to buy greens on Saturday mornings 9-11 AM. Customers enjoy walking into a “green cathedral” in the middle of the winter to watch their greens being clipped (salad mix includes various greens, arugula and spinach). Nine free-range hens, eating organic grains and vegetables from the greenhouse, produce eggs for sale.  Many months of the year intern organic farmers-to-be live on the grounds and welcome locavores visiting the small farmstead.  Darrel Bostow, the proprietor, can be reached at 813-503-4734 for directions and open house hours, or via e-mail at