A Sweet Anniversary

By Amy Jeanroy


A year ago, Lisa Stephen, owner of Sweeties Downeast, a candy store on Main Street in Calais, realized that everyone kept asking for a specific candy called Honey Sticks.

Originally made in Calais, the Beckett family had a shop on Main Street where they made assorted hard candies including their famous Honey Sticks for over 100 years. During the holiday season, it is said that they produced nearly 8 tons of candy. The Honey Stick is a nostalgic treat that is a favorite with generations of candy fans. Thanks to the numerous inquiries about this specific type of treat, owner Lisa decided to make it her mission to find the candy and offer it to her customers. 

With some investigating skills and a bit of luck, she finally found members of the Becketts and asked to recreate their candy in her shop. To show her appreciation, Lisa offered to donate 10% of the sales of Honey Sticks to the local food pantry in the Becketts' name. 

Calais is lucky to have a candy shop back on Main street again, where a taste of historic Maine treats is only a nibble away.