Hard Rock Music Festival To be Held at Just South of the Border

By Lura Jackson


A group of local musicians has been making significant waves lately on the regional music scene, and part of their efforts are culminating in a hard rock/metal music festival to be held at Just South of the Border on Saturday, April 22nd. The festival will feature the local band – Conscious Cadaver – and three other bands from around the state: Turner, Tatooine, and Give way. 

Conscious Cadaver is composed of six musicians, Dustin Ellis, Nathan Campbell, Brent Carlow, Jeremy Keenan, David Campbell, and Nathan Gardner, all of whom are from the Calais area. Members of the band have been playing together for years in different capacities, but they have recently made a successful, concerted push as professional musicians as a result of their ongoing refinement. They released their first EP in 2016 and in their first year played shows in venues spanning from Eastern New Brunswick to Massachusetts. This year, they have two shows booked for every month well into summer.

Conscious Cadaver is also competing to play as part of the Warped Tour, a 41-stop music tour sponsored by Vans and Journeys where the winning band will play for some of the largest names in the hard rock/metal music industry. This year, some of the notable acts are Bowling For Soup, CKY, and GWAR. To compete, bands are rated on a point-based system where every stream and share on social media counts as a point. To date, there are 14,000 bands competing and Conscious Cadaver just broke into the top 75. 

Local businesses have rallied to support the band’s efforts. Peoples Pub, Just South of The Border, The State Cinemas, Crumbs Bakery, and Pratt Chevrolet have donated gift cards and other prizes to be used as raffle items to help spread the word that a local band is competing and doing well in a national competition.

This Saturday, Conscious Cadaver will be joined by Turner of Orono, Tatooine of Bangor, and Give Way of Bangor for the festival, which will begin at 9:30 at Just South of the Border. In addition, a newly formed local band,  Widowmaker, will be making their surprise debut.

“The goal is create a local music scene for bands to come play from around the state, and to also give the younger adults in the community something to do,” said Conscious Cadaver bandmember Nathan Gardner. 

The event is free to attend, although a suggested donation amount of $5 is requested. There will be drink specials for those who are 21 and older.