Troop J

Number of Calls for Service: 160 Number of Warrant Arrests: 2 Number of Accidents: 15 Number of OUI/OAS Arrests: 6 Number of Burglaries: 0

04-03-17 Trooper Kim Sawyer summonsed David E. Lawless (31) of Baring for attaching false plates and OAS-failure to pay a fine after a traffic stop in Baring for an expired inspection certificate. 04-07-17 Corporal Micah Perkins summonsed Mandy Richter (28) of Princeton, for the civil infraction of operating after suspension after a traffic stop in Princeton. Trooper Jeffrey Taylor responded to a crash on Main Street in Harrington, reported by an uninvolved third party. As a result of the investigation, Jonathan Riggs (29) of Harrington was arrested for Operating under the Influence and Operating after Suspension 04-08-17 Trooper Jeffrey Taylor conducted a Drug Recognition Evaluation on Chrisann Tinker (43) of Old Orchard Beach on behalf of Trooper Miles Carpenter. Chrisann was found to be under the influence of a combination of Alcohol and CNS Depressants.