History - 1910


Photo: President Taft visited Eastport in 1910 and acclaimed the friendship between the United States and Canada as a wonderful example of international cooperation. He also created a stir by seemingly supporting Easport's claim to be the most easterly place in the United States, a claim which was, and is, disputed by Lubec. (Photo submitted by Al Churchill).

 In Robbinston the Congregational Church, established in 1809, burned to the ground after lightning struck the steeple. The fire did not spread quickly but lack of fire equipment or even a long ladder prevented the townsfolk from putting the fire out. A new church was built and remains on the site to this day. 

 In St. Stephen the local bank went bust taking with it the life savings of many on both sides of the border. According to the Courier March 10, 1910:

“The St. Stephen Bank has failed and many who retired Sunday night in comparative affluence awoke to find themselves ruined.... Depositors were given no ray of hope by those who should be in a position to know the condition of affairs... no one at the bank will talk...”

The bank building is still on Water Street and later became the Royal Bank.