Letter to the Editor

All retirees and their supporters in Maine should contact the members of the Maine Legislature's Appropriations Committee as soon as possible.  They will be deciding soon whether to support a proposed change to the amount being deducted by Maine for state income taxation of retirees.  Presently retirees have $15,000 deducted from taxation. This would instead become $35,000.  The increase would be $5,000 a year over five years.  So in 2018 the deductible amount would become $20,000; in 2019 it would be $25,000, etc. The change is therefore gradual and not impact immediately Maine's tax system. Many people are choosing not to retire in Maine because they can live elsewhere and avoid paying Maine's income tax.  Or they do not make Maine their permanent residence and instead live six months and one day in Florida or some other state.  They are then able to avoid paying the Maine state income tax. Contact the members of the Committee and ask them to support this proposed change to the amount deducted from all retirees' pensions for state taxation.  This is a non-partisan issue and all legislators should therefore support it for their constituents.  They would be helping many people now and in the future.  Governor LePage is already supportive of this proposed change and would not veto it once it gets to his desk! It could become law and go into effect in 2018!  The website is: http://www.maine.gov.  Emails can be sent to:Webmaster_house@legislature.maine.gov.  The clerk's office is 207-287-1400 and the Maine Legislature's toll free number is: 1-800-423-2900.   Snail mail address is: The Appropriations Committee, 3 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0003. Use whatever form of your communication as quickly as possible!

Karen E. Holmes