Soils Workshop to be Held at WCCC

By Lura Jackson


For the fifth year in a row, well-known soils guru Mark Fulford will be returning to Washington County to offer a day-long soils workshop at WCCC. Fulford has dedicated his life to the study of the natural world in conjunction with integrating best practices for healthy and harmonious farming from all over the world. 

Fulford operates Teltane Farm in Monroe, Maine, where his devotion to “non-toxic and lasting soil fertility practices” grant a bountiful garlic, vegetable, and fruit crop on a consistent basis. To accomplish this feat, Fulford utilizes “soil and crop nutrition using composts, rock powder minerals, and biologically enhanced foliars” – time-tested methods that go a step beyond relying on soil sciences and chemistry to instead integrate a dynamic knowledge of nutrient and system rotations.

While based in Maine, Fulford travels frequently around the region to give soils-related talks that enable farmers of all sizes to take advantage of the breadth of his knowledge and experience, in addition to spending ample time overseas studying and implementing techniques such as Systems of Rice Intensification, which Cornell University reports as generating “20%-100% or more increased yields, up to a 90% reduction in required seed, and up to 50% water savings.” Fulford has trained with some of the most notable names in the field, including Neal Kinsey, Gary Zimmer, Jerry Brunetti, Elaine Ingham, Graeme Sait, and Dr. Arden Andersen. 

This year’s workshop will naturally be focused on soils, though the precise program has not yet been determined. In the past, Fulford has spoken on utilizing different techniques to generate the best crop yield in small backyard farms, Systems of Crop Intensification, all-natural pest control, the usage of containers, and transitioning woodland soils to farm fields and gardens.

There is no cost to attend the day-long workshop, which will be held on Saturday, April 29th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., although a suggested donation of between $1-$20 is requested. Attendees are advised to bring their own lunch. The workshop will be held in the Lecture Hall at WCCC.