Out and About


By Dorothy Johnson


This past week was cold, damp and miserable. Everyone I have spoken to is wishing for the sun.  Saturday did give us some warmer weather with a bit of sunshine after the fog disappeared.  The green grass I was waiting for has appeared in Perry and other surrounding towns, but it has not come to the farm.  The green rain has already come to Calais and the spring bushes and flowers are showing their colors. One of the stalks of rhubarb I planted last year survived the winter and is looking good.  I cannot find the other two so I will plant two or three more roots this year. 

The members of the People’s United Methodist Church had a very successful Spring Fling on Saturday. The reports were that many supporters came to lunch and workers did very well selling their “gently used” items.  Now members are getting ready for their public supper on Thursday, May 4th beginning at 4:30 p.m.  This supper will be another turkey supper with all of the fixings with assorted cupcakes for dessert.

The owners of the A-frame in Perry have their serving windows open and their pansies hanging for a spring look.  The ice cream and snack bar is open beginning at 11:30 a.m. every day.  The shop is carrying a very good variety of hard ice cream as well as several sauces for shakes and sundaes.  The fare is worth the trip to Route 1 in Perry. The ice cream shop across from Pratt Chevrolet is being re-built in spite of some complaints.  I can hardly wait until the owners get this place open for business. Then I will know that summer is here.

The Robbinston Historical Society members are getting ready for their yard sale to be held over Memorial weekend. Members will be at the historical society building on Route 1 on Saturday, May 6th and Saturday, May 13th from 9-12 a.m. for any drop offs for the sale. A bake sale will be held with the yard sale so please make plans to stop in and check out the really great bargains.

Special hellos are going out this week to the following: Eldon Libby who is able to get out and about a bit while he is still recovering from his illness, Iris Brown who is trying to get rid of a dreaded spring cold, Marilyn and Mike Trafton who are recovering from broken bones mishaps, Susan McCray who is waiting for directions from her doctors and anyone else who needs a lift. Several local residents are feeling a bit down these days, but they all say that a little sunshine will help them feel better. (From the latest weather reports, the sun is not in the cards this week.)

I was surprised Sunday when some of the Riverside Rebekahs visited the farm and brought me a May basket. They distributed several in Woodland and Princeton and had candy, cookies and fruit in each basket.  The Rebekahs were assisted by Miss Deane’s firth grade students who decorated the baskets for them.   This thoughtful act was tremendously appreciated.

Speaking of thoughtful acts, the food pantry in Eastport now has new software to help them keep track of their good work.  Here are some of their recent statistics: During the month of January, 242 households representing 432 individuals were served; In February the numbers were (with three snow days) 191 households representing 314 individuals; In March 247 households were served representing 417people.  A special distribution on Good Friday served 83 families with 150 individuals.  Many local churches help this vital ministry and their help is much appreciated.

At the Dennysville church, there was a reception following the Sunday service in honor of Scott and Mary Jones to celebrate their baptisms and then immediately being received into church membership.  Scott and Mary have definitely been serving like active members in various ways for quite some time so it was a real pleasure to have it all become “official”.

Next Saturday the Dennysville church will host its monthly breakfast in the Parish hall.  The usual fare of pancakes, bacon, eggs and beans will be offered from 7 to 9 a.m.

On Saturday, May 6th the Spring Meeting of the Maine Council of Congregational Churches is being hosted by the church at Kenduskeag beginning at 9 a.m.  Pastor Phyllis Merritt of Sawyer Memorial Jonesport Congregational Church will be installed as Moderator.

At Sewall Memorial Church in Robbinston, next Sunday (May 7th) is going to be the annual Sunday for Helen Brooks’ family to attend.

The Lincoln Memorial Library enjoyed First Monday Tea on Monday.  An intern who will be working at Smith Ridge Farm stopped in for directions.  He had driven 1000 miles from Texas and was gifted with cookies for the road.  His name is Thomas O’Brien and he will be in the area until June.  Then another intern will replace him.

The last installment of the spy series on Friday, May 5th will be canceled until the fall.  The group will be beginning a new series on gardening with various gardening videos.  The first video in this series will be shown on Friday, May 19th at the library.

Jim Bergstrom was back as a volunteer at the Lincoln Memorial Library this past week following some helpful, but exhausting, surgery.  The organizers of the library’s schedule are very to have him back so they can fill in those volunteer slots in the calendar.  Welcome back, Jim.

Stay safe and have a great week…in spite of the damp, dreary days.