100 Participate in Adventure Race Under Sunny Skies!

 Photo: Start line. (Photo credit: https://canoemaine.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/east-grand-adventure-race-ma...).

Saturday, May 13th marked the 13th annual East Grand Adventure Race, held the 2nd Saturday of May every spring in Danforth, ME. This year’s course featured all the events racers have come to expect and more: a mile-long compass run, followed by a 10-mile bike ride, and ending with an 8-mile canoe and kayak race. Many exciting challenges took place between the biking and paddling legs including the familiar mud pit crawl and log rolling in Baskahegan Stream. New challenges included a paintball challenge, scaling wall, partially submerged 29’ culvert to crawl through and an environmental challenge where racers had to identify evergreen tree samples. The new family division opened up the race to parents and adult mentors taking part with younger children which included all elements except the biking portion.

Orono High school students along with numerous adults were well represented at the event with the high school boys team of Kellen Doyle & Ben Allan-Rahill not only winning their division, but the race overall with a course time of 2:28:02 before time deductions. Kellen also won the door prize, a new Vapor kayak, paddle and life jacket donated by Old Town Canoe.

Perhaps the biggest personal accomplishment of the day came from race participant Jill Plummer, a teacher at East Grand School. After helping out with last year’s race, Jill set a personal goal of losing weight and getting in shape so she could take part this year. Jill accomplished her goal by losing 100 LBs and getting into shape. Jill took part on a relay team, completed the course, and was all smiles the whole time!

In the separate 34 mile Baskahegan Stream Canoe & kayak Race, Ben Randall of Sabattus set a record with a time of 4:33:47. In second place was the four-person team of Terry Wescott, Chip Loring, Ander Thebaud and Bob Hesser narrowly winning over the four person team of Marc Ranco, Justin Wardwell, Bill Deighan and Eve Dana by only 13 seconds! River Robertson came in 4th place with a time of 4:58:53