Letter to the Editor - Facebook Post


This passage is taken from a statement posted on May 19th by Rep. Will Tuell (R- Dist.139) His post was regarding the closing of the Downeast Correctional Facility.  Rep. Tuell, however, could not help but go “off script” to add this comment: “…Nor have I taken the time to respond to people worked up about circus elephants, as I think we have much more important things to deal with. No offense, but some people our [sic] more worked up about animals than the people of Washington County, and Maine, for that matter.”

This is my response to Rep. Tuell:

Rep. Tuell, Do you really believe, do you really lack the depth, to comprehend that people who care about the treatment of animals can also care about the treatment of human beings? Your statement makes clear that those of us who care about the humane treatment of animals, that those of us willing to speak out for animals, are guilty of discounting the importance of our fellow human beings. You marginalized an entire group of constituents. Well, sir, I can care for both. And I do care for both. And, it isn’t even hard to do. As a matter of fact, it’s as easy as walking and chewing gum.  To most of us, believing that both human beings and animals should be free from abuse comes naturally. But, because human beings can, and will be cruel, you should be thankful that I, and others, are willing to stand up for the rights of voiceless animals.  Instead of being grateful, you berated us. Rep. Tuell, you show a staggeringly shallow view of your fellow man/woman. Your self-righteousness is a shining example of how so many politicians see their constituents. It points out how piously you (a politician) look down on those who you claim to represent. You carelessly, and in anger, dismissed your constituents who speak on behalf of animals. That was a big mistake. We now see that you only represent those in your district who prioritize the issues as you do.  Clearly, you have shown us who you truly are.

I have repeatedly asked you to respond to my concerns on your original Facebook post.  You have failed to do so, while responding to all the positive comments and ignoring mine; more proof of your failure as a politician who does not represent all of your constituents.

Rep. Tuell, you end your post with this: “It may not sound like much, but God put us where we are for a reason, and that reason wasn't to walk away when the going gets tough.”  I do not believe in predeterminism.  I believe that “We the People” vote politicians into office and “We the People” vote them out.

I look forward to your attempt at explaining to me, and others offended by your callous remarks, how you didn’t really mean what you really said.

Denise Cassidy