Massage Therapy Now Available at Peaceful Postures

Photo: Samantha Wardlow is now offering a variety of massage techniques to her clients at Peaceful Postures. Massage has been proven to be an effective method for releasing stress. 

By Lura Jackson

Receiving a massage is a deeply humanizing experience that puts us back in touch with our bodies and has the potential to ease chronic aches that result from muscle tension. Happily, there’s a new masseuse in Calais, and she’s ready to provide her clients with relaxing private massage sessions at Peaceful Postures.

“My main goal for each session is having the client leave my table in a better state of mind and body then when they arrived,” shared Samantha Wardlow. Wardlow integrates both relaxation and deep tissue massage into her sessions depending on the desires of the client. 

Raised in Trescott, Wardlow graduated from Washington Academy before joining the Air Force at age 18. Wardlow got married and moved to Indiana where she lived until moving back to Maine in December of 2015. She has three sons of the ages 19, 16, and 14. 

Wardlow began exploring her desire to help patients with physical maladies when she enrolled to become an Occupational Therapist Assistant. While studying that degree, Wardlow had the opportunity to study to become a masseuse and began pursuing that path instead. “I knew [massage] would be a good add-on to any service I could provide,” she said.

Now a licensed massage therapist, Wardlow operates her own business, Pure Solace. She began collaborating with Peaceful Postures in February and utilizes the back room as her massage space for appointments. “I have really enjoyed everything about being a Massage Therapist and owning my own business,” said Wardlow. “It has not only provided me with the flexible schedule that I need to raise my children on my own, it has enabled me to offer services that people need when it is convenient for them. I love being able to customize every session to suit the needs of the client.”

While her present massage offerings primarily incorporate Swedish relaxation, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and sports massage, Wardlow is also certified in Barefoot Basics  Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. Barefoot massage enables practitioners to utilize gravity to apply trigger point therapy while standing above the client and balancing on bars. Wardlow plans to offer ashiatsu as soon as the bar apparatus is in place. She also plans to offer hot stone massage in the near future, and has aspirations to provide craniosacral and oncology massage to clients as her business develops. Beyond that, Wardlow aims to offer additional spa-related services to clients, but admits it will take time and resources.

For now, Wardlow encourages clients to come in an experience the relief that a massage can provide. During her sessions, Wardlow gives clients options for what they can explore on their own to assist with a particular trouble spot. “Nothing compares to the human touch but self-awareness does wonders for the body.”

Recent research has demonstrated that massage lowers stress hormones, increases immune-boosting whiteblood cells, and increases oxytocin, a feel-good chemical in the brain that promotes human bonding. While massage can be utilized to treat some chronic maladies, Wardlow cautions that “you should always consult a doctor before attempting massage for serious conditions.”