CHS Honors Top Seniors

Photo Pictured are the top seven students in the class of 2017 from Calais High School with the teachers who got up to speak about them at last Wednesday's ceremony. (from left to right) Kaitlyn Cavanaugh with teacher Mr. Smith, Kianna Pike with Mrs. Sullivan, Daniel Fransiscus with Ms. Jones,  Kasidee Ramsey with Mrs. Cline, Kobe Gillespie who was also spoke for by Mr. Smith, Delanye Hold with Mr. Cole, and Riley Sluzenski with Mrs. Ellis. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).


By  Kaileigh Deacon

 As the school year draws to a close and high school seniors are frantically working to get classes finished while preparing for graduation festivities it is easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. But the students and staff at Calais High School and Middle School took time out of their busy end of the year workload to honor the top seven students of the senior class. 

For years the Honor Parts Ceremony has been the start of the graduation festivities, to recognize and honor the top ranked students of the graduating class. The top seven students of the class are assigned to give speeches during Class Night and Graduation. The Honor Part Ceremony is a way to recognize these students for their academic achievements over their four years at Calais High School in front of their peers and staff. 

Each student is asked to pick a staff member at the school to speak about them at the Ceremony to honor all their achievements and goals. The staff members also get a chance to share their personal experiences with these students and the impact they have had. 

“There is a different way to achieve for every single student,” Principal Mary Anne Spearin said about the diverse group of students honored in this ceremony. 

This year’s top seven were Kaitlyn Cavanaugh who will attend the University of Maine in the fall and was spoken about by Mr. Smith. Kianna Pike was spoken about by Mr. Sullivan, Kianna will be attending Washington County Community College in the fall. Daniel Fransiscus was spoken about by Ms.  Jones, Daniel will attend Southern Maine Community College. Kasidee Ramsey was spoken about by Mrs. Cline and will be attending Ellsworth Community College in Iowa. Kobe Gillespie spoken about by Mr. Smith, Kobe will be attending the University of Maine. Salutatorian Delanye Hold was spoken about by Mr. Cole and will be attending Eastern Maine Community College. Valedictorian Riley Sluzenski was spoken about by Mrs. Ellis and will be attending Boston College.

“These people are role models for all of you underclassmen,” teacher Lori Ellis said at Wednesday’s ceremony. “If you work hard like these students one day you could be up here as well.”