To The Editor


What has happened to our “Down Home Paper,” The Calais Advertiser?

I was brought up with this down home paper. In school, we were given assignments to read this paper for the class that included current events. This was way back in the 1940s at the old St. Croix High School.

Yesterday I received six of the latest Calais Advertisers from my relatives that live in Woodland. I have never been without my advertiser in the ten years I have lived in Texas.

It did not take me long to read them. The Baileyville news has been gone forever, no Out and About, no Story and a Recipe. And I really miss Arlene Flood’s column. I was always so pleased to read about the American Legion and Auxiliary News, church, local news and about the folks that live there and the growth of our little town.

If our “Cassie” didn’t put the news in her column, you wouldn’t know Baileyville was still there.

The last article I read was my cousin Lynn’s 90th birthday party at the Methodist Church on Mother’s Day. I do not know who submitted that, but maybe the person should write a weekly column for the paper. It was so well written and I am sure it was read and enjoyed by many.

I sure do hope I can live long enough to read another Calais Advertiser as our “Home Town Newspaper.”

I miss it and I have heard that others do too.

Harriet Martell