Riverside Celebrates Camp NEOFA Birthday

Pictured are: Front Row: Gilda McPhee, Noble Grand; Muriel Elkins, Associate Member from Belfast; Pat Dow, Inside Guardian.  Second row: Polly Burlock, Treasurer and Past President Rebekah Assembly of Maine; Martha Pratt, Chaplain; Sharon LaSota, Associate Member from Bangor and President of the Rebekah Assembly of Maine; Jane McCollister, Associate Member, Secretary and Past President Rebekah Assembly of Maine.  Riverside Rebekah Lodge #140 sends campers to Camp NEOFA in Montville each year.  This year the camp is celebrating its 60th Birthday.  A birthday party was recently held at the camp, and several members of Riverside Rebekah Lodge attended.  Approximately 75 members and friends of Camp NEOFA attended the festivities.  Riverside is in the process of sponsoring 10 area children to an expense paid week at camp again this summer.  If you know of a child you would like to be considered, please notify Gilda at 454-7682 or Jane at 796-2230.