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Calais American Legion


Michael McLean



Troy Ramsdell, Darrin McLellan and I attended the graveside service for Tom Farnham in Vanceboro on Sunday. Tom will be missed by family and friends. 

On Saturday we had the greatest turnout of participants in my 8 years as Commander of the Calais American Legion for the Memorial Day Graveside Flags Event! We placed 900 plus flags at the Calais Cemetery! I want to thank everyone for their support.  We had great participation of organizations and individuals for our “Memorial Day Parade”! I want to thank our Legionnaire’s, Auxiliary, The Maine Army National Guard, Guest Speaker Senator Joyce Maker, Calais High School/Chorus, Our High School Speakers, Calais Fire/EMS, Calais Police Department, Calais Public Works Department, local Scouts, Calais Little League, St. Croix Bowling Club and John Chambers for Sound System and The Common Church. A Special thanks to Calais Bell’s IGA, Dunkin Donuts and Tim Hortons for their donations of snacks, refreshments and donuts. 

Any correspondence: Commander Calais American Legion Sherman Brothers Post #3, PO Box 311, Calais, Maine 04619. Email: Facebook, Calais American Legion. Tel: 207-214-4410(cell). Please leave message. Thanks for a Great Calais Memorial Day Weekend! 

Commander Mike and Joan! 


Grand Lake Stream

Dave McCullough


Have you tried this secret to help take boredom from your small flock of chickens? Last week we drove by a small chicken coop and discovered there was a greenish ball hanging in the center of the cage. Upon closed inspection we discovered a cabbage hanging just at the right height so the birds could peck away for some extra nourishment. We installed one in our coop and after a couple days the birds started making “coleslaw”.

Here is a tribute from the owners of the Pine Tree Store to their employees and support community!

“Les and I would like to take this moment to thank our employees, They add to the store in so many ways. While closing the store last night I was thinking about the day Wade and Laura are graduating in a few days and I think back when Wade first came. What a fine young man he has grown into. He will be missed words cannot say how much he’s like part of the Grand Lake Stream family. They all are. 

Laura will still be here for a while as she keeps me focused on things, thank God! What great young adults they have turned into and then I have Se. She has my back when I forget things, such a bright young lady. I love them all we are so blessed to have them! So when you are in the store in the next week make sure you take the time to congratulate them. They are all going to college; what a great accomplishment!

We are so blessed with each of my employees we could not do it without them thank you all!

‘As I think about the rest of the day I think what a great little town!!! We have people coming home that haven’t been home in a while and seeing old friends with the smile on their face and the memories they must have! What a joy to watch and how they are all in some way connected to the STORE.  As I watched Robbie and Bonnie walk in yesterday I think they will always have a special place here as I walk down the cellar steps Robbie lets me know he is still connected. His name is spray painted on the wall and I laugh every time I go down the stairs! John Brown’s brother was in yesterday for an ice cream and how he talked about the LIARS BENCH what great memories!!’

‘The summer people coming back what a joy to see their faces!! As I was cooking yesterday and busy in the kitchen I turned around and saw two smiling faces looking at me. Lilly and Elliot,  Sue and Lee Whitley’s grand kids and of course we know they wanted ice cream and as I give Elliot his ice cream his eyes light up, Things like that make your day! So in the end thank you all for supporting us and making us feel blessed every day!! One last thing don’t forget what this weekend is all about so thank a veteran for all he has done. And remember those that have gone on!”

Keep the donations flowing into The Grand Lake Stream Fire Department Fund Raiser to purchase a used mini pumper/brush pickup truck? Send them to GLS Fire Department, 6 Tanbark Street, GLS, 04668.  Thanks Gary for your leadership in support of the Fire Department! This is a very worthy cause.


Did you ever wonder if wild animals ever really enjoy life? The only proof I can offer is the river otter. They love playing games.  Tag, follow-the leader, tug-of-war, wrestling and their most favorite – sliding. They do ice and snow sliding in the winter and mud slides in the summer.  Every winter they make a slide beside the dam into Grand Lake Brook.  Whether on land or in water the common otter is poetry in motion.  

One of the most perfectly designed and developed mammals in the world; they belong to the weasel tribe which includes martens, mink, weasels, skunks, fishers, badgers and wolverines.  They are all native to Maine except the last two.  The tribe shares one nasty characteristic which is a strong rank odor. Our otter has a very strong muscular lithe 4 foot body and foot long tail and weighs 25 pounds.  Their water-proof fur is a rich glossy brown, one of the most durable.  Valuable of all furs, otters mate for life, are good parents and keep their cubs around for 1 year.  Females bear 2-3 young each season.  Dens are located in banks or hollow logs.  The only predator they face is man.  Fishermen believe otters can decimate the fish population in their favorite stream.  Not true - fish make up only 40% of their diet which includes crayfish, clams, mussels, frogs, pollywogs and small rodents.  World famous writer naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton wrote:  “Of all the beasts whose lives I tried to tell – there is one who stands out above all others.  The otter – joyful, keen, fearless, mild and loving with its own kind, gentle with his neighbor of the stream – the noblest, little soul that ever went 4 footed through the woods”.  Enough said.  

The DLLT and the Grand Lake Stream ATV Club are hosting the annual “Community and Forest Clean-up” this Saturday, June 3rd.  Participants will meet at the GLS School building at 8:30am to receive their area assignments.  All are welcome to join in this family fun event, and a hearty lunch from the Pine Tree Store will be provided for volunteers, along with a take home souvenir. For more information, please contact DLLT at (207) 796-2100 or email Colin Brown

Always keep in mind that meals can be obtained at Indian Rock Camps. Reservations are necessary and Joanne is a great cook.

Your Humble Correspondent: Dave McCullough 207-712-8294 or


Linda Baniszeski 


Here’s hoping everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend holiday.  It is fitting that we annually honor our departed U. S. Veterans.  Maine is among the greatest at honoring them.  Probably because it has the greatest number of military members per capita of any other state.  2nd Baptist Church always honors departed veterans related to church attendees.  As departed veterans’ names are recited, a bell is chimed and the children of the church lay a rose on the alter for each one honored.  It is very moving; and a special way to teach the little ones the great value of those who gave and risked so much for each of us. 

The lake is back up to a usual spring level.  Pete Trouant was right, there is no problem with the dam.  Water is nearly to the top of our dock.  This bodes well for water levels throughout the coming season.

Memorial Day Weekend is also the official start of summer in most parts of our country.  Although the weather was “pouty” on Monday, with clouds and occasional showers, it didn’t dampen spirits out here on the lake.  Terry Reynold’s property was alive with a large group of family members who visited for the long weekend from Virginia, New York, Massachusetts and parts near and far throughout Maine.  It is wonderful to hear the laughter of children as they discover the wonders of lakeside living.  Mindy and Chris Brown were here with their Pug and Puggle, Yodi and Mia.  

The Denyer camp is open for the season.  We saw Kim walking her little dog, Abby, throughout their stay.   This place really goes to the dogs in the summer -- and we love it.  Barry and Susan Pearson are also here opening up their home for the season.  This is the first summer that Susan can truly enjoy more time here, as a “very young” retired person.  

We saw Paulyn Ward and her sister Brenda Ward Shope when we were having lunch at the same place on Sunday.  Brenda expressed her happiness to  be back at camp, and Paulyn is grateful to have her back more often throughout the summer.  We shared our joy at the start of the new season.  Every new season of life that we can greet is a great blessing to us.

Barry celebrated my 69th birthday on Monday with a beautiful cake and card.  He has been renovating our deck, and put up new ceiling lights for me among the many gifts he continually adds to my life. Scuffy gave me little kisses.  Friends joined us later in the day for a cookout.  I feel so blessed the way my husband, our little dog Scuffy, family and friends remembered me.  My Secret Sister at church gave me a lovely card and delightful watering can garden with a butterfly art piece that holds a small rain gauge.  It is already in place in the flower bed between the Hydrangea and Azalea bushes that are coming into full bloom.  Every time I look at it, this will remind me of so many blessings I have to count, no matter how old I am.  As my asthma doctor said to me when I complained about getting old during my last visit, “well, that’s what we’re trying to do here, keep you getting older.”  Considering the alternative, old is good.  

As the weather continues to warm, more flower and vegetable gardens are underway.  Barry got  some healthy plants for our little garden at Cedar Lane here in Meddybemps.  Wow! they really have a great selection of lush and healthy vegetable and flower plants.  

Continuing thoughts and prayers are with Brian Levi, who is undergoing intense cancer treatments in Bangor.  Most of us know him from working at Bell’s IGA Store, where he is known to happily chat with everyone.  I’m sure his brother Peter would also appreciate supportive prayers, as he takes him back and forth for treatments.

Lumber River performs at 2nd Baptist Church on Thursday, June 1 at 6:30 followed by light refreshments.  All are welcome.

Please send your news to or phone 454-3719.






Sandra Smith 


On Wednesday, May 24 the Princeton Elementary School held their Spring Art Show and Concert. Students in Kindergarten to 4th grade performed with their classes. Students in Advanced Band, Chorus, and Beginner Band also performed. There were some special additions to the concert which included a duet, solo, and poetry readings by the advanced reading class. Also the students art work was on display.

June 5 - Princeton School Board Meeting at 5:30 p.m. in school conference room

June 6 - grades 6-8 college trip to Orono

June 13 - grade 8 graduation 6PM

June 14 - Last day of school



Sally Doten



Another week has come and gone. I hope you got the chance to honor those who served our country in the many battles they have seen. I checked out the cemetery here in Baring and people have graciously put flowers on the lots of loved ones.

Thank you, Doug McLellan, for taking the time to put all the flags on the lots of veterans. It’s more work than I was able to do this year and I appreciate all your help.

Another thank goes out to Nathan Faulkner for taking the time in the evenings to mount the new flags on the poles through town. I have always wanted to do this and finally met success this year. I could not have accomplished this without your help. The remainder of the flags that I am hoarding in my car will be put up as soon as possible. Sorry I didn’t get them done before Memorial Day but my “crew” went on vacation.

Sorry to hear that Bertha Johnson is a patient at EMMC. I am sure she would appreciate hearing from you; drop a card in the mail.

Paul & Marye Moreshead have been in town visiting family and friends. They stayed with Sean & Belinda Moreshead and visited me on Monday. Paul is my baby brother and lives in Casco.

Well, my flowers are out of the greenhouse and on my porch. So thankful that Jeff and Erin Guire took care of my many pots for me. And then, Jeff delivered them.  What more can a lady ask for? My job is to pick them up and put them on the railings of the porch. Not sure if I can handle that or not.  I am so happy I didn’t have to pot made things so much easier. Thank you, Guires.

Emily Erskine was the recipient of a SURPRISE birthday party. Mom and big sister Katie planned the whole thing with games and a cook-out.  Happy Birthday, Emily. How did you like that surprise?

Congratulations to Kayli Doten daughter of Troy and Joni. Kayli is graduating with honors this week from Calais High School  and has been accepted at Husson University.

Thank you to all who so generously contributed to the Baring Cemetery Fund. This money will be used to removed two huge trees in the old cemetery and make improvements at the Veterans’ Memorial.

Visiting with Eddie and Evelyn Noddin have been her granddaughter Stephanie along with her husband Steve and the three kids. They enjoyed the long weekend at Crawford Lake.

Look forward to a town meeting in June. Hopefully, on June 15 at the church. The selectmen are waiting for approval. The school budget will be adjusted at this meeting. Watch for the details; this is just a heads up.

This is the end of what I know for this week. I swear my memory is getting shorter. If I omitted someone or something, I’m sorry. This is from my memory bank and I didn’t have any notes to go by. You get what you get when you read my column....some good, some bad.  Have a wonderful week and hope for sunshine.