“Mystic Memories”

The Pembroke Library will bring a taste of Mystic Seaport to Downeast Maine on Wednesday evening, June 21st, when it presents “Mystic Memories” – Songs & Yarns from the Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival. Every year, on the second weekend of June, several hundred singers of songs of the sea gather at Connecticut’s Mystic Seaport: “The Museum of America & the Sea,” for four days of non-stop chanteys, ditties, ballads, hornpipes, and sea stories. The three members of Washington County’s “From Away Downeast,” Susan Sanfilippo, Jim Sherman, and Stephen Sanfilippo, known as “America’s Easternmost Chantey Group,” have attended and performed at many of the Mystic Festivals over the past 40 years, always coming home with more songs and stories. You’ll hear about “The Songs We Stole from Old Stan,” Stan being the late Stan Hugill, chanteyman on the last square-rigger to round Cape Horn.” You’ll learn the mysteries of being “Bully in the Alley,” sharing in Admiral Nelson’s “Blood.” and the true nationality of tailor-turned-whaler “Rueben Ranzo.” There could be a whale “on hand,” an auger to sink noisy vessels, and maybe even a sailors’ “fu-fu” band. By the end of the concert you’ll be a “Paddy Wester” who’s “been ten times round the Horn” and “crossed the line,” all while ranting and roaring like a true Yankee.  

The Pembroke Library, with full handicap access, is located at 221 Old County Road, opposite the horse race track and fair grounds. The June 21st concert starts at 7 PM. Admission is Free. For more information call 207-726-4747 or 207-726-4745, or email seasonghistory@gmail.com.