Beckett Center News



Monday, May 15th, some had Equestrian practice in the morning and some went to WCCC for summer game practice in the afternoon. Others stayed back and listened to music and played cards or went for a walk.

Tuesday, May 16th some went swimming in Canada and others did crafts.

Wednesday, May 17th some chilled outside and played Frizbee and played football outside. Most of the crew stayed after at FBC for Movie Night. We partook in a yummy feast of BLT's, chips, juice and soda. The movie we saw was entitled The Secret Life of Pets. During the presentation we had chips, peanut butter cups and chocolate bars. We also had soda and juice during the movie.

Thursday, May 18th in the morning some went to the Foot Dr. and some went fishing. The afternoon was spent going to WCCC for summer game practice.

Friday, May 19th some went shopping and banking. The meal consisted of hot dogs, a variety of fruits and cheese and crackers.

Monday, May 22nd, some had Equestrian practice in the morning and some went to WCCC for summer games practice in the afternoon. Those who didn’t played cards, went for a walk, and/or did crafts.

Tuesday, May 23rd a few decided to go swimming at the Garcelon and played cards.

Wednesday, May 24th some attended horses and others played our favorite game -- Bingo.

Thursday, May 25th we had a Going Away Party for a Staff member retiring after working for Sunrise Opportunities for 16 years. Lunch consisted of pizza, soda, crystal light, popcorn and cake and ice cream.

Friday, May 26th some shopped at Wal-Mart and a bunch of us ordered from Restaurants. We also had our first yard sale of the season!