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Sharon Frost



Celebrate Best Friends Day on the 8th with the girls on the patio.

June 14th Flag Day, the Continental Congress decided that the flag of The United States would be red, white and blue with thirteen stripes and thirteen stars representing each colony. Later there would be a star for every state in the union. Every country in the world has it’s own special flag and so does every state.

A car show will be held on Saturday June 10th at Blueberry Ford in Machias and also the 13th Margaretta Days on the campus of The University of Maine at Machias

St. Anne’s supper is June 16th at 5:30 p.m.

What a wonderful concert at second baptist last Thursday with Lumber River. A great gathering, beautiful hymns and the usual tables of sweets, sandwiches, fruit, cheese and crackers.

June 9th Matt Linton in concert at People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville 6:30 pm, he is fantastic

Thanks to Harriet Martell for suggesting recipes back in our paper as they were a few years ago.

Cut the cake: Morris Moffatt, Janna Gillepie, Boy Curtis, Loie Avery, Cathy Scullin, Evelyn Olsson, Amy Day, Joyce Maker, Kelsey Ramsey, Beth Sammer, Brooke Smith, Madeline Delmonaco, Caitlin Reynolds, Camille Howard, Verna Cole God Love Ya! Ilene O’Hara.

I spent an afternoon with son Chris and three of the grandchildren from New Hampshire.

The Plant & Pie Sale was busy on Saturday Jane Churchill always does a great job transplanting so many gorgeous plants each year. I bought peanut butter cookies ate the whole bag on the way home. So good.

Congratulations Barbara McLean recipient of the 2017 Excellence Award at Calais Regional Hospital.



Alexander School

Cassie Oakes


The science fair will take place at AES on June 8th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  This event is open to the public.  Come and see what the students of AES have been doing.

On June 12th at 10:00 will be the End of Year Award Ceremony to recognize academic and athletic student achievements.  Parents and other family members are welcome to attend.

8th Grade Celebration/Graduation will take place at 6:00 p.m. and is open to the public.

June 13th will be a Field Day. And June 14th will be the last student day.  Students will be dismissed at 11:15.

Don’t forget that yearbooks are now on sale for $10.00.  Get yours before they are gone.  See Mrs. McDonough in the office.

Summer library will begin on June 27th from 10:00 a.m. until noon.  All children must be accompanied and supervised by and adult. This year there will be no free lunch, but some of the participants are planning of bringing picnic lunches to end the day with.  This is not an AES school function and is run by volunteers.  For more information contact Emma Hill 454-3751, Rhonda Oakes 454-2344 or Debbie Hanson 454-8733.  

Immediately following the summer library program this year there will be a free ATV Safety Course on July 11th and 18th and a Free Hunters’ Safety Course on August 1st, 8th and 15th for more information or to sign up contact Lenny Hanson at 454-8733.

Don’t forget there will be a Free Family Game Night sponsored at the Alexander Grange by the Grange on June 17th.  This is open to kids age 1-101.  Bring your own board game or use one on hand.  All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.  Refreshments will be Pot Luck so bring a snack to share.  For more information call Lenny Hanson at 454-8733.



Laurie Pike


Due to a minor surgery on June 15th, I will be unavailable for regular office hours on that date.  I am changing office hours from Thursday, June 15th to Monday June 12th from 4:30-6:30 pm.  I have also posted a notice on the door of the Cooper Town Office.  I also try to accommodate people wanting an appointment whenever possible.  If you need to schedule an appointment, please call me at 207-214-7335.  For the rest of the month of June after my surgery, Janice Scanlon will be covering for me for vehicle and trailer registrations, boat and ATV registrations, and licenses from Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department.  Janice is available at the Pembroke Town Office on Monday and Friday from 12:00-5:00 pm, Wednesday from 12:00-7:00pm, and Saturday from 9:00-12:00 pm.  Janice is also available in Perry on Tuesdays from 10:00am to 6:00 pm. The next select board meetings will be held at the Cooper Town Office on Saturday June 17th and Saturday July 1st from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.  The next monthly planning board meeting will be held on Saturday, July 1st at 9:00 am at the Cooper Town Office.  

On June 13, 2017 A Special Referendum Election is scheduled throughout Maine.  Voting will be open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at the Cooper Community Center.  There is only one question being considered to vote upon in this Special Referendum Election.  This question designated Question 1 asks the following:  “Do you favor a $50,000,000 bond issue to provide $45,000,000 in funds for investment in research, development and commercialization in the State to be used for infrastructure, equipment and technology upgrades that enable organizations to gain and hold market share, to increase revenues and to expand employment or preserve jobs for Maine people, to be awarded through a competitive process to Maine-based public and private entities, leveraging other funds in a one-to-one ratio and $5,000,000 in funds to create jobs and economic growth by lending to or investing in small businesses with the potential for significant growth and strong job creation?”

The Annual Cooper Town Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 24th at 6:00pm at the Cooper Community Center.  The Cathance Cooper Friends will be providing some refreshments for the meeting and following the meeting, John Viselli will provide some music while we socialize with our friends and neighbors.  If you own property in Cooper, you are welcome to attend to listen but only residents will be able to participate and vote in town business.  Everyone is invited to join in following the meeting for refreshments and our musical social time beginning at approximately 7:00 pm.  This year the Cooper Town Report will be dedicated to Ralph Flood.  It is really nice to see the town honor our elder residents in this way and it is a great historical read about them and their involvement in the Town of Cooper.


Calais American Legion

Michael McLean



Again I want to thank everyone for your support for our Memorial Day weekend events! I apologize for missing any organizations or participants for their support. I also want to thank The Calais Advertiser and Lura Jackson for their great coverage of the weekend events! If anyone has any pictures that they want to share, please send them to the Calais American Legion. See info below. 

The Department of Maine State Legion Convention will be in Bangor on June 16-18. I will be picking up 2018 Legion membership cards. This week we will be busy with many issues. I will post next week. 

Correspondence: Commander Calais American Legion Sherman Brothers Post #3, PO Box 311, Calais, Maine 04619. Email: Facebook: Calais American Legion. Tel: 207-214-4410(cell). Please leave message. We Served--We Deserved! Commander Mike.  



Linda Baniszeski 


We’ve had another volatile week, weatherwise.  It lived up to the saying in Maine, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”  Change by the minute it did!  June 9 is the date of 2017’s Strawberry Moon; also referred to as the “Rose Moon” in Europe.  It is named after the relatively short season for harvesting, especially strawberries.  This year, June 9 it is the most distant full moon away from earth and, thereby, the smallest full moon of the year.  It has also been called the micro-moon or mini-moon. By the way, that bright “star” near the moon is actually the planet Saturn.

Every month for the next seven lunar months, the full moon will come closer and closer to Earth until the full moon finally coincides with perigee (instead of apogee) on January 2, 2018, to present the closest and largest full moon (plus the closest and largest supermoon) of 2018. Then seven lunar months after January 2, 2018, it’ll be the smallest full moon micro-moon all over again on July 27, 2018.  It will not fall on June 9 again until 2062.

It’s not too soon to start planning for Father’s Day, the 3rd Sunday each June. This year it is June 18.  Father’s Day has a modern origin, just like Mother’s Day. Mrs. John Dodd proposed the day after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909.  She thought of her own father, widower William Smart, who raised his six children alone on a farm in Washington state.   Mrs. Dodd proposed it to the Spokane Ministerial Association and the YMCA.  She originally chose the 5th of June, her father’s birthday.  However, the first Father’s Day was on June 19 in Spokane, Washington.  Over the years it spread through other towns and eventually across the nation.  Father’s Day became a permanent national holiday in 1972, when President Richard Nixon signed a law declaring that it be celebrated annually on the third Sunday in June.

Scuffy has been celebrating the beginning of June in her own tricky little ways.  She especially likes to run -- in any direction away from us while ignoring our calls for her to “stop.”  On Sunday afternoon, she walked into the lake and took a little swim, only to bolt from me upon getting out of the water to roll in dirt and old leaves under the pine trees, where she knew I could not reach her.  Tuesday, she has her regularly scheduled grooming appointment -- not any too soon, I might add.  Barry is nearly finished refurbishing our deck, and has installed new white vinyl railings along the perimeter.  It is amazing how much of a difference a change in material and color can make.  It is a blessing to have a greatly talented jack-of-all trades husband.

Please share your news at or phone 454-3719.

Princeton Elementary School


Sandra Smith 


On Thursday the students from the Princeton Elementary School with teacher Mrs. Jane Andrews helped Friends of Princeton plant flowers in the barrels on Main Street. Friends member, Nancy Davies, had the flowers, mulch and water available and she, Miranda Czarnecki, and Mrs. Andrews helped the students. They were a very enthusiastic group and enjoyed cookies and juice and had a tour of the Bellmard Inn and Cottage Museum and all were given a booklet: “The History of the Bellmore Family, The Bellmard Inn and Princeton”. This is a wonderful project for the students and the flowers are so appreciated.

June 8 - Sports Banquet 5:00 p.m.

June 12 - Quarterly Awards & Yearly Awards Assembly 1:00 p.m.

June 13 - grade 8 graduation 6PM

June 14 - Last day of school Early Release 10:55

(See photos on the next page).



Sandra Smith


The second Princeton Farmers and Artisans Market for 2017 was on Thursday, June 2. We started at 3:00 but had to give up around 4:45 due to a thunder storm. Vendors there were: Mustard Seed Farm from Talmage; Karen Harriman with machine stitched embroidery from Topsfield; Pamela Creations from Topsfield, KW Family Farm; Phoenix Rising Farm from Waite; and Susan Cilley with a large selection of plants as well as pies, donuts and whoopie pies and the booth for Grand Lake Stream Area Chamber, selling tickets for the Rubber Ducky Race for the Fresh Water Festival and Princeton Library Book Sale. More seedings will be available this coming week. We finally had a chance to plant the seedlings we bought: organic paste and cherry tomatoes; Yankee bell peppers; brussels sprouts, cauliflower; broccoli; and herbs-basil and dill. This week expect seedlings, more greens, eggs and new items from the artisans. With not much sun it has been hard for the farmers to have lots of greens but hopefully will have more this week. All the vendors have been very pleased with the support from the community. Also note that the Princeton Parks and Recreation Committee will have their weekly kickball game the same time as the market.

Reminder that the Town of Princeton will hold a Public Hearing at the Princeton Town Office at 6:00 P.M. on Thursday, June 8, 2017, to discuss the Floodplain Management Ordinance that will be voted on at the annual meeting on June 19, 2017. The ordinance can be viewed at the Princeton Town Office Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 P.M. If you have any questions about your property being in the flood zone this is the time to check out the new plan.

The Princeton Board of Selectmen would like to invite the public to celebrate with them as they award The Boston Post Cane to Harland Hitchings at the Princeton Town Office, Wednesday, June 14 at 2:00 p.m. The Boston Post Cane is awarded to the oldest resident in Princeton. 

The first meeting of the Princeton Reading Program, Let’s Talk About It, will be at 7:00 p.m. at the Princeton Library on Monday, June 26. This program is sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council in Partnership with the Maine State Library. The series for this summer is “Yankees and Strangers: the New England Town from 1636-1992”. All the books/materials are provided by the council. The facilitator is Dr. Colin Windhorst, who has done this for us for a number of years. He always has additional information which makes the program that much more interesting. The group will meet every other week, the last date being August 21. Anyone within the Princeton Area is welcome. In the past we have had members from Waite, Grand Lake Stream, Big Lake Township as well as Princeton. For more information stop into the Princeton Library and sign up. Books should be available soon at the library.

The St. Croix Regional Family Health Center on Mill Street in Princeton has started a summer series. Each session is on Thursdays from 1:30-2:30 at the Center. This week’s program will feature Marianne Moore, Healthy Acadia’s Cancer Patient Navigator, who will discuss the importance of Cancer Screenings and Early Detection.

Upcoming Activities

June 8 - Town of Princeton Public Hearing on Floodplain Ordinance

June 8 - St. Croix Regional Family Health Center, Princeton Summer Series: Cancer Screening and Early Detection, 1:30-2:30 p.m.

June 14 - Presentation of Boston Post Cane 2:00 p.m. at Princeton Town Office

June 14 - Princeton Library Committee Meeting 5:00 p.m.

June 15 - St. Croix Regional Family Health Center, Princeton Summer Series: Local History

June 19 - Princeton Annual Town Meeting

June 21 - Princeton Library Story Hour - 4:00-5:00 p.m.

June 22 - St. Croix Regional Family Health Center, Princeton Summer Series: Your Medicare Questions Answered

June 23-24 - Princeton Fresh Water Festival

June 26 - First Meeting of the Princeton Reading Program at 7:00 p.m. at the Princeton Library

June 29 - St. Croix Regional Family Health Center, Princeton Summer Series: Prediabetes Screening and Diabetes Prevention

Town of Princeton Selectmen’s Meetings-First and Third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the conference room.

To send me news, just drop me a note or give me a call after 10:00 a.m. at 796-2261. My deadline to submit the column is 4:00 p.m. on Monday. I need any news no later than early Monday morning.


Kathy Mekelburg


May Weather Summary for Robbinston: Temperatures for May averaged near normal. The monthly mean temperature of 51.4 degrees was only 0.1 degrees below average. A brief heat surge on the 18th sent the temperature soaring to a roasting 91 degrees! This is the earliest in the season for a 90 degree + reading. This beat 90 degrees set May 21, 2009. Minimum for the month was only 35 degrees on the 13th. This is only the 3rd May out of the last 24 Mays in which a freeze has not occurred. There were 2 days with maximum temperatures 80 degrees or above. There were 419 heating degree days or 5 above normal. Total since July stands at 7123 or 478 below average. There were 5 cooling degree days or 3 above normal.

Total precipitation reached record levels. This was he wettest May (9.38 inches) in 24 Mays of record. This was a whopping 4.85 inches above normal. Yearly total now stands at 29.53 inches or 6.99 inches above normal. This May (9.38 inches) beat 8.90 inches in May, 2006. Maximum daily amount was 4.12 inches on the 6th (.62 inches fell in a single hour)! This beat the  old May record of 2.37 inches set May 10, 2012. Storm total of 4.42 inches (5th - 7th) beat 4.23 inches set May 24 - 26, 2013. There were 14 days with measurable rainfall. Final snowfall total for the winter of 2016-17 came to 121.3 inches or 24.4 inches above normal. This is the 5th highest total in 23 winters of record.

Highest barometer of 30.37 inches occurred on the 21st, while the lowest of 29.32 inches occurred on the 15th. Mean monthly humidity was 80.1 per cent. Lowest humidity reading was 24 percent on the 21st. Prevailing wind direction was south. Peak gust was 37/S on the 6th.  There were 4 clear days, 10 partly cloudy days and 17 cloudy days. Daytime sky cover averaged 75 per cent. There were 6 days with dense fog (2nd, 6th, 7th, 23rd, 24th, 31st)

Spring (March - May): Mean temperature 43.7 degrees (12.6 degrees), precipitation 17.47 inches (3.51 inches), snowfall 23.2 inches (-1.2 inches).


Grand Lake Stream

Dave McCullough


Have you noticed how nice the flags look as you come into Grand Lake Stream? Seeing “Old Glory” waving its welcome as folks come into town. We are all fortunate to have such a welcome!  An extra special thanks to R.J. and Audrey Ammerman for taking the time to install all the flags and several new holders and many new flags. The flags were purchased by the town and the July 4th committee over the years.

Speaking of the July 4th celebration, here are some of the highlights! Opening Service on the Guides Wharf sponsored by the Village Church at 8:00 then followed by the 5K foot race at 9:00 sponsored by the Down East Lakes Land Trust. AT 10:00 be part of the best parade by “A Damn Site” in the entire country! Delicious food under the tent in the park and of course the frog race and horseshoe contest. (Estimated $200 in prize money to be awarded in the horse shoe contest) Also music at 1:00 by the Strumming Wildcats Ukulele Band! From 1:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon lots of fun tubing down the stream sponsored by the Down East Lakes Land Trust. Bring your tube and be ready for a cool and refreshing afternoon! More details will unfold during the next few weeks. What is your parade float going to be this year?

Community Spaghetti Supper: Saturday, July 1, Saturday 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the School Building. The fundraiser is sponsored by the Grand Lake Stream Snowmobile Club And ATV Club. There will be homemade meat sauce and spaghetti, Caesar salad, garlic bread, choice of strawberry shortcake or hot fudge sundae, beverages. $10 per person and $5 for children 12 and under. Tickets at the door, call Nan for take-out or delivery 796-2685. There will be 50/50 raffle, the Grand Lake Stream Wildcats to perform and bingo will follow dinner! Come and join all your friends for a great meal and social occasion

Send in your news to share with all the column readers!

Your humble correspondent: Dave McCullough: reach me at or 207-796-2286.




Cassie Oakes


Mike and Mickey White of Alexander spent two great weeks in Florida recently.  They were there for grandson Marcus Napoleoni’s Graduation.  It was held at Florida Central University, where Marcus will also be attending college in the fall.  There were 800+ students that participated in graduation.  The family had a graduation party for him the next day. A lot of Marcus’s friends came, along with friends of the family.  Mickey’s sister Mary Dean and her husband, Rick, who live in Florida were able to attend also!  While there, they were also able to attend Marcus’s OARS Banquet. Marcus has been on a rowing team for the last couple of years.  While in Florida, Mike and Mickey also celebrated granddaughter Lauren Napoleoni’s 13th Birthday with a party. Mickey’s long-time friend Patty (Jones), Fazio and her husband Tommy came all the way to Orlando from St. Simon’s Island, Georgia to visit with Mike and Mickey. Mickey says it was a great afternoon!  Mike and Mickey’s second week was a bit more relaxed!  They had lazy days lounging by the pool, barbeques, breakfasts and dinner’s out, shopping and time spent catching up with daughter Nikki, son-in-law Fabio and of course the grandchildren Marcus and Lauren.  Mike and Mickey are very thankful to be able to spend time with them in Florida and are already looking forward to when the Napoleonis will be home at Mike and Mickey’s in July for three weeks.

Marcus Napoleoni wasn’t the only one graduating this year.  Other AES classmates for Marcus’s also took part in commencements.  Both Marisa Mitchell and Gabe Hunnewell who have moved to Princeton graduated this year.  Marisa is the daughter of Mathew and Karen Mitchell and graduated from Calais High School. Gabe Hunnewell is the son of Peter and Kathy Hunnewell graduated from Woodland where he had the honor of being Valedictorian and gave a very moving speech.

Ashleigh Pyles, the daughter of David and Michelle McVicar of Cooper graduated from Woodland High School.  

From Alexander, Emily Clark, the daughter of Steve and Tami Clark, Sebastian Sanford the son of David and Jennifer Sanford, Chabre Poole the daughter of Burton and Cheryl Poole also graduated from Woodland High School.

Graduating at Calais High School from Alexander were Dylan Howell, the son of Mike and Diana Howell and Tianna Bacon the daughter of Mindy and Arthur Allen.  Have I missed anyone? Please let me know!

Congratulations to all the graduates!

Now it is time for the big announcement of who received the Alexander Crawford Scholarship for this year.  Two scholarships were awarded this year, one at Calais High School and one at Woodland High School.  To be eligible for the scholarship you must be a resident of Alexander.  The committee looks at the whole student, grades, activities and community service, not necessarily in that order.  This year the recipients of the scholarship were from WHS Emily Clark and from CHS Tianna Bacon.  Congratulations Ladies!  

Don’t forget about the Matt Linton Concert to take place Friday, June 9th at People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville at 6:30 pm.  Light refreshments will be served after.  All are welcome to attend!

On Flag Day, Wednesday, June 14th there will be a Flag Retirement Ceremony where flags damaged will be retired at the Alexander Grange Hall.  The Ceremony will begin at 3:00 p.m. and will be led by John Dudley.  All are welcome and if you have a U.S. Flag in disrepair you may bring it with you.  Light refreshments will be available after.  If you would like more information please contact any Grange member (Pike Seavey, Len Hanson, Rhonda Oakes, Liz McVicar, Dale Holst or Deb Hanson to name a few)

Good thoughts are being sent out to Charlie White, Jolene Thornton, Linda Bohanon, Eldon and Miriam Libby, Elwin Daley, Lynn Hill, Trudy Poole, David Carson, Avis McIntyre, Carl Perkins, Joan Dodge, Lois Faloon, Mike and Marilyn Trafton, Mary Ellen Naddeau, Pastor Randy and Carolyn Chretien and Wilma Dray, Linda and Ron McArthur. 

Upcoming Birthday wishes go out to Butch Greenlaw, Amethyst Newman, Viola Dwelley, Marjorie Wallace, Pat Cormier, Kaylee Wallace, Donna Wade and David McLaughlin. 

Upcoming Anniversary wishes go out to Charissa and Anthony Myers.

This week at Randy’s the Lucky Loser was Joey Wallace.  Do you want to know how to be a Lucky Loser?  Stop at Randy’s and check it out.

I have had such a busy-filled week at the Beckett Center.  I participated in fun activities, such as card games, relaxing outside with friends, had cupcakes and ice cream in celebration of friend’s Birthday’s, having a garage sale. We also had a CPR/First Aid Class.

On Saturday, Mom and I attended a Community Family Fun Day in Calais, put on by Keys to Life Church.  I played a variety of games with my best friend Krystal Smith, including a Bean Bag Toss, a Cupcake Walk and other fun games.  And prizes lots and lots of prizes.  Lunch was hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and sweets all for free. There was also live music.

On Sunday, Mom and I attended church per the norm but it was a very special service.  I was a scripture reader, but that wasn’t the best part. The best part was when my baby cousin, Asher Crosby Bohanon, the son of Brent and Alison Bohanon was baptized. His big sister Cate wasn’t quite sure what they were doing to him.  There was lots of family in attendance and it was great seeing all of them.  

An added special treat for the day was that my cousin Beth Crosby was home from Wisconsin where she is a professor at the University of LaCrosse. It is always wonderful to see her and get a hug.

If you have news you can email me at, message me on Gacebook, or snail mail me at 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, ME  04694.  You can also call me at 454-2344 or drop off news at Randy’s Variety!  Until next time, stay safe.